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All the News That's Fit (OOC, Open)

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Psionics (44PP Dynamic Array)

  • [*:1qa5hdji]ESP 14 (All Senses, Feats: Rapid 6 [x1,000,000], Subtle, Extras: Duration [sustained], Flaws: Action 2 [Full]) [49PP, 24 from HQ, 25 from Psionics array]
    [*:1qa5hdji]Communication 9 (Mental, Feats: Subtle, Extras: Two-Way) [19PP]

The Scarab takes 20 on an extended search of the entire world for Doktor Archeville. She hits DC43. This takes her about 2.5 minutes.

Once she finds him (assuming he's on Earth, which is a reasonable assumption given that he just called her on a telephone), she initiates Two-Way Mental Communication with him.

Any outside observers at his location can make a DC34 Notice check to know that "something" is watching (or DC24 if they have any appropriate Super-Senses, like Mental Awareness). Anyone with the appropriate Super-Senses (again, like Mental Awareness) can make a DC20 Notice check to "spot" the Subtle Mental Communication going on (although they can't eavesdrop).

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Archeville is using his HQ's ESP

ESP 10 (all, 200,000 mile range [entire planet, as well as satellites in orbit]; Extras: No Conduit, Simultaneous; Flaw: Medium [cameras for visual, microphones/listening devices for auditory and radio, chemsniffers for olfactory, pressure sensors for tactile, etc.]; PF: Subtle) ("Sensor Tap") [51/56p]

to find Bombshell. By hacking into every traffic camera, security camera, ATM camera, webcam, iPhone, and other camera with an internet connection on the planet. He Takes 20 on the Search, and gets (using his Enhanced Int and the Enhanced Search of his HQ's systems) 40.

Per this thread, it'd normally take a 3 months to do an extended search of the planet; 30 months to Take 20 on said search.

30 months = 90 days = 2,160 days = 51,840 hours = 3,110,400 minutes = 186,624,000 seconds

Thanks to Doc's Mental Quickness 6 (x100), that'll only take 21.6 days.

Too long!

Use Electromagnetic Screwdriver as a co-processor for MOAR QUICKNESS!

Enhanced Quickness 12 (x10,000; Flaw: Mental); brings total Mental Quickness to 18 (x1,000,000)

30 months = 90 days = 2,160 days = 51,840 hours = 3,110,400 minutes = 186,624,000 seconds


3.1104 minutes, or 3 minutes 6.624 seconds

(I really need to throw some Rapid PFs on that ESP.)

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The Scarab shows up to the scene with Concealment active.

Spend a minute to Take 20 on a Notice check at Fusion, and Take 10 on any applicable Sense Motive checks.

The Scarab's Mind Reading check: 32.

OK, the highest Will save Fusion can get is a 27, so she'll need 5 intervals worth of cumulative +1 bonuses before she even has a chance to boot The Scarab out of her head. That's like 5 hours. And obviously, using Extra Effort for an earlier save won't help.

Fusion get a DC20 Notice check to pick up on the telepathy, as usual.

Power Stunt:

Concealment 10 (All Senses, Feats: Close Range, Extended Reach 2 [15ft], Progression [save DC] 3 [DC23], Selective, Extras: Affects Others, Flaws: Phantasm) [27PP]

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  • 2 weeks later...

Ugh. Watching Arrowhawk hang a lampshade on this is painful. :wallbang:

For the record, the only reason she made "mistakes on this scale" was because, for the sake of the plot at the time (not that I had any idea this was where the plot was headed), we ignored her +Accurate +Acute +Radius +Ranged Mental Sense which should've spotted Fusion's spying immediately, and because she discussed things with Bombshell out loud that I normally would have restricted to telepathy.

In other words, this is an Idiot Plot, and I'm the one who carried the Idiot Ball. AA, you're welcome. :argh:

Oh well. It's a good plot nonetheless. I guess we can blame it on The Scarab being all :love: .

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