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Character Score Meme

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Okay, I don't know anyone who hasn't found theme music for their character, but have you ever tried coming up with their score?

Character Name

Theme Song:




Story Arc Specific: (include the story!)

Got any suggestions for other people's characters? Try to include a link to the song if you can, if not the name and artist.

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Jack of all Blades

Theme Song:








Story Arc Specific: Espadas Siblings Duet!


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Character Name: Avenger

Theme Song: People Are Strange, The Doors.

Combat: Wilhelm Scream, Distant Drums

Romance: Bad Romance, Lady Gaga

Tragedy: God's Away on Business, Tom Waits

Story Arc Specific: World of Darkness The Earth Died Screaming, Tom Waits

Character Name: Edge

Theme Song: Mr. Lucky, John Lee Hooker

Combat: The World is Just Awesome, the Discovery Channel

Romance: Let's Get Physical, Olivia Newton-John

Tragedy: I Will Go Sailing No More, Randy Newman

Story Arc Specific: House of Lucas Once in a Lifetime, Talking Heads

Character Name Freedom Angel

Theme Song: Battle Hymn of the Republic, Julia Ward Howe

Combat: A Mighty Fortress Is Our God, Martin Luther

Romance: Love Makes the World Go Round, Powerpuff Girls

Tragedy: Hellfire, Hunchback of Notre Dame

Story Arc Specific: Imma Bee Imma Bee, Black-Eyed Peas

Character Name Fusion

Theme Song: I crush everything, Jonathan Coulton

Combat: I crush everything, Jonathan Coulton (Not a typo)

Romance: I Made it, Kevin Rudolf

Tragedy: Under the Sea, Little Mermaid

Story Arc Specific: All the News That's Fit to Print Trouble, Pink

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I've been purposefully avoiding this for some time now. Breakdown is such a large study on pop culture and music that I felt it was too much to pin certain songs on him when his tastes are so widespread. However, after giving it some though, I figured I could at least do the basics. Since Grooveshark is so slow and frustrating, I'm using Youtube*. Without further ado:


Theme: Disciplined Breakdown - Collective Soul**

Combat: Breakdown - Breaking Benjamin


  • [*:2hiwlm8q]Breakdown & Zoe:
Communication Breakdown - Led Zeppelin
[*:2hiwlm8q]Breakdown & Muse: Breakdown - Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers

Tradgedy: Breakdown - Seether

*As much as possible

**This song apparently exists nowhere on the internet. Grooveshark also refuses to accept any uploads I try to make. And no one has uploaded it to YouTube. If you can find it, it's worth listening to. It's from the Collective Soul album Disciplined Breakdown (Track 6).

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