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Me Like Hockey (OOC)


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Every PC gets 2 Hero Points: 1 for their close friends and/or family being directly endangered, and 1 for being put in a situation where their secret identities are at risk.

Roll some Initiative and let's get this party started.

Round 1

Downtime: 62, NPC

The Scarab: 25, 3HP

Wildcard: 21, NPC

Doctor Stratos: 7, NPC

Medea: 3, NPC

Jack of All Blades: ?, 7HP

Valkyrie: ?, 3HP

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In that case, Valk should have 6HP The Orb of Fate grants her Luck 3, and is always around her neck in the form of that small charm, she start the thread with one, and was granted two, so that's a total of seven.

As for initiative? Prepare to roll badly! Initiative! (1d20+1=2) Haha ah hahaha aha ah ahhh ha. Crap. But it's okay! I have ideas!

EDIT: Should we post reactions? Or are we just going to jump straight into initiative?

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One more quick note: I'm planning on putting subtle and indestructable on the orb in july. Would I be allowed to use those edits? It should alsways have been subtle now the I think about it since I've described it shrinking on multiple ocasions.

EDIT: the only other edit I'm planning on grabbing that may make a difference is immunity(cold environments).

When exactly on the timeline does this occur? Specifically pre/post grue invasion?

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The Orb of Fate grants her Luck 3

I totally spaced on that. So 1HP by default, +2 from Complications, +3 from Luck 3 = 6HP. "There are no more bullets in that gun One plus two plus two plus one!" I'll edit accordingly.

Would I be allowed to use those edits?

As far as I'm concerned, everyone can use their edits the very second they're applied to our sheets.

When exactly on the timeline does this occur? Specifically pre/post grue invasion?

Post-Invasion. Probably sometime in June.

Should we post reactions? Or are we just going to jump straight into initiative?

Jump straight into Initiative.

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Free Action: He activates his Invisibility power. He now has total Concealment from all Visual senses.

Standard Action: He activates his Deflect power.

Move Action: He runs up and down the aisles at Speed 10, grabbing stuff out of people's hands and stuffing it into his bag.

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The Scarab

Free Action: Activate her Subtle Force Field / Shield.

Free Action: Reconfigure her Psionics array.

Psionics Array (38PP):

Concealment 10 [12PP]

Flight +1 (2) [2PP]

Emotion Control 7 [23PP]

Free Action: Activate Concealment. She now has total Concealment from all senses. If she gives an observer a reason to suspect her presence, they get a DC20 Will save to see through the Concealment.

Free Action: Quick Change into her costume.

Free Action: Activate Flight 1.

Move Action: Fly out into the stadium.

Extra Effort: Surge for another action.

Full Action: Use +Area Emotion Control 7 (Calm) on an 70ft diameter sphere containing as many people as possible in one of the trouble spots where people are beginning to riot.

Bystander Will saves (DC17): 34 succeed, 146 fail. The overwhelming majority of the rioters in that area of the stands rein that crap in.





If The Scarab does not spend 1HP on her next action, she will become Fatigued.

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Move Action: He moves into the midst of the spectators.

Standard Action: He Readies an action to use his Bluff skill to Trick any potential attacks, ready to Redirect any incoming attacks to one of the surrounding bystanders.

Reaction: +Area +Selective Luck Control is on deck.

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Round 1

Downtime: 62, NPC

The Scarab: 25, 3HP

Wildcard: 21, Luck 9

Jack of All Blades: 20, 7HP

Doctor Stratos: 7, NPC

Medea: 3, NPC

Valkyrie: 2, 6HP

Medea already has her "Force Field 10 (Impervious 10)" activated.

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For the record, Hockey Rinks are much smaller than these fields. They would likely construct extra bleachers along the ground, right up to the point where the glass shield and ice is.

Yeah, I'd figured as much.

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That matches my math.

Wildcard's Bluff check to Trick: 16. I think JackB's bonus is higher than that. He'll burn a HP for a re-roll.

Wildcard's Bluff check to Trick: 25 (the "2" becomes a "12").

Assuming his Redirect doesn't work...

Toughness save (DC29): 19. He fails by 10, so he's Staggered and Stunned. He'll burn a HP to clear the Stun.

That leaves Wildcard at 7HP.

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They do not have Hero Points. Wildcard, the luck controller, has Hero Points.

His powers wouldn't work without his Luck ranks. Half his powers rely upon burning a HP to block someone else's HP-burn, or burning a HP to force a re-roll. If you got a HP every time he used Fiat to fuel his powers, their effects would be effectively negated.

None of the other NPCs here have Hero Points.

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Since he's the only hero to reveal himself so far, Stratos and Medea are both going after JackB.

OK, in what I highly suspect to be a bit of author oversight, despite the fact that he has the "Favored Environment (Aerial)" feat, it totally fits into his concept and power suite, and, oh yeah, he's hovering in just about every goddamned picture he's in, Doctor Stratos doesn't have the Flight power on his sheet. So I'm gonna use supreme executive power to give him Flight 3, which is the maximum Ultimate Power recommends giving a Weather Controller whose Flight is based on buffeting themselves about with the wind.

*shakes his head at Green Ronin*

Doctor Stratos

Free Action: Maintain Flight.

Move Action: Activate Deflect.

Standard Action: Target JackB with Blast 13 (Lightning).

JackB is in melee (Stratos knows this), and has the Elusive Target feat (Stratos does not know this). Stratos doesn't have Precise Shot or Precise on his Blast (Why?!), so he'd suffer a -8 to his attack roll. He's going to use Heroic Feat to gain the Precise Shot feat (Wildcard will burn a HP on his behalf), so his penalty drops to -4. This leaves Stratos with an attack bonus of +7 (+11, -4), against JackB's Defense of +18 (DC28). So he doesn't hit on anything less than a natural "20."

Stratos' attack roll (DC28): 15.

He'll burn another one of Wildcard's HPs for a re-roll: 21. Not enough.

Wildcard can use Luck Control as a Reaction. He's now at 5HP.

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Free Action: Maintain Force Field.

Free Action: Reconfigure her array to the Animate Objects AP.

Standard Action: Use Animate Object on the chairs surrounding JackB.

Move Action: Command the Animated Objects to attack JackB.

Animate Objects 7 gives her 105PP to play with, and since she's PL10, the minion can't be higher than PL10. She doesn't have the +Horde extra, so she can only animate one object with a single standard action. So while the descriptor I'm giving is "the chairs around JackB," in crunch terms they'll all count as a single object, a single target.

Animated Chair-Man (PL10/105PP Huge Minion)

Abilities: STR 30 (+10), DEX 10, CON -, INT -, WIS 10, CHA - [-16PP]

Combat: Initiative +0, Attack +4 (+6 Base, -2 Growth), +10 Melee (+6 Base, -2 Growth, +6 Attack Focus), Grapple +35, Defense +10 (+6 Base, -2 Growth, +6 Dodge Focus), +2 Flat-Footed, Knockback 13 [24PP]

Saving Throws: Toughness +10 (+4 Growth, +6 Protection), Fortitude -, Reflex +10 (+0 Dex, +10PP), Will +0 (+0 Wis, +0PP) [10PP]

Skills: Notice 12 (+12) [12R = 3PP]

Feats: Attack Focus (Melee) 6, Grapple Finesse, Improved Grab, Interpose [9PP]

Powers: Growth 8 (Huge Size, Feats: Innate, Extras: Duration [Continuous], Flaws: Permanent), Immunity 30 (Fortitude Effects), Protection 6, Super-Strength 7 [75PP]

Keep in mind that, since they don't have all 3 mental Abilities at 1+, the animated chairs are effectively immune to interaction skills and mental powers.

The Chair-Man will make an unarmed attack against JackB, and if it lands, he will then use Improved Grab to initiate a grapple.

Chair-Man's attack roll (DC28): 28. He just barely makes it.

Chair-Man's grapple check: 49. JackB can't roll a 32 on a D20, so there's no way he can win, or even make that DC on an unskilled Escape check to slip free.

Due to our Haus Rulz concerning Improved Grab, Chair-Man cannot choose "Damage" as the result during this check. He'll choose "Throw," because the idea of Pinning JackB in a mechanically-inescapable grapple while the rest of the Crime League pummels him, as tempting as it sounds, strikes me as the ultimate in "dick moves." So Chair-Man tosses him down onto the ice.

The Chair-Man is adjacent to Wildcard, and Interposes any incoming attacks.

Gizmo, roll two DC25 Toughness saves for JackB - one for Chair-Man hitting him, and another for him hitting the ice.

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