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The Long Arm of the Law [OOC]

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The Scarab will use the Library feature of her HQ to take 20 on a Knowledge (Physical Sciences) check, hitting DC25. If she's gotten any Hero Points from the torrent of Complications, she'll burn one on more Beginners Luck, gaining +5 to her Knowledge skill and hitting DC30. Taking 20 on a Knowledge check takes "an hour, or longer at GM's discretion."

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Psionics (43/44PP Dynamic Array)

  • [*:3jquqdc4]ESP 11 (All Senses, Feats: Rapid [x1,000,000], Subtle, Extras: Duration [sustained], Flaws: Action 2 [Full]) [40PP, 24 from HQ, 16 from Array]
    [*:3jquqdc4]Mind Reading 13 (Feats: Subtle, Extras: Action [surface = Free, Probe = Full]) [27PP]

DC31 Notice check to pick up on the ESP (or DC21 with the right Super-Senses). DC20 Notice check for the subject (or anyone with the appropriate Super-Senses) to pick up on the Mind Reading.

Let me know if I should roll any Mind Reading checks.

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