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House of L Vignette: Rift

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At midnight Hour, mild mannered high school student and sound technician Warren Wilder worked hard to bring the nightclubs speakers online for the performance of popular rock group Madman Hour. Unknown to anyone, this simple student was in fact Guitar Lad! One of the worlds greatest musicians ever to live, capable of will sound to obey his every command with his guitar and the sound of rock.

He was hard at work in the back rooms when the performance was about to begin. The last parts of the sound system ready for use. "Excellent. I have a feeling that tonight this is gonna one heck of a performance tonight!" Her proclaimed just as the band started to play. He was close to leaving when he heard a massive explosion from the main stage!

"What in the name of Dio was that?!" Warren exclamed as he rushed to the door. Peering through, he saw a massive red demon on stage! It looked over the audience, laughing manically. "YES! I am free! These fools summoned me to this world thanks to the deception of my servents! Soon these people will be my slaves for all eternity!" The demon howled in trump.

While the demon gloated, Warren had silently moved around back to change. In mere moment, Guitar Lad burst through the door. Guitar in hand. Stop! His voice carried over the panicked cries of the audience as the Guitar hero floated above them, guitar at the ready. "I will not let you go through this! I won't let you ruin both the lives of the people and this show!"

"A mortal dares challenge me?! The Demon bellowed with a sneer. "Bah! Demon law says I cannot deny a challenge from a mortal champion. Very well...Name your challenge so I my defeat you and begin my reign!" Guitar Lad glared at the demon.

He might be ugly, but I doubt that I can take him down in a regular fight. Unless... "Very well ugly. I challenge you to a guitar battle! Whoever can play better than the other is declared the winner! If I win, you will go back to where you came from!"

"And if I win, you're soul will be mine for the taking! Very well. I accept your terms foolish mortal!" The Demon laughed as flames engulft his hands, pure hellfire forming his own guitar to battle for the fate of these people...And his own life!

Soon the club was full of the sonic screams and screeches of guitars. Guitar Lad kept playing , going faster and faster with each note. But it was for no avail for the demons skill was indeed great and could match the Teen guitarists own skill. Soon his fingers were starting to ache. This is no good. No matter how well I play, he plays better! I can't give up. In one of the songs, Guitar Lad reached one of the slower portions of it. It was then he saw a weakness in the demons skills! Despite the demons speed, he could not play the slower, softer portions of songs.

I have you now... he thought as the played. The Demon was failing! Its fingers could not adjust to playing at a slower speed. To be only skilled as playing at such speeds, it forgot how to play at lesser ones. Soon the demon was yelling in agony as his strings snapped violently and a circle of flame surrounded it. "NO! I CANNOT LOSE!" The Demon shouted as the flames slowly engulfed the red demon. "I WILL return some day! And your soul shall be MINE! In seconds, all that was left of the demon was a smoking circle on the stage.

The crowd cheered and the band, now free from the terrible site of the demon could resume play. Guitar Lad was glad things had worked out. He could almost imagine staying here and perhaps play to the audience...

--------------Elsewhere, Between realities----------

Rift sighed as he watch the world develop in several one way viewing portals across this strange new world. He couldn't belive this had happened. One moment he was in his room, experimenting with dimensional rifts via sound vibration and the next he was leaping though a portal he made as reality was invaded by inky black darkness. In his entire time, he was stuck here, watching this new strange world develop before him. All he could do was float in the ether and watch events play out before him.

He had only one thought as he watched his doublegangers actions.

...Who in the holy hell writes crap like this?

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