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House of L Vignette: Phalanx

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Mikey laughed easily at his friend Alexandras realization of her rambling story about her work with the school science teacher going well over his head, “Don't worry about it.” he said jovially, “It's one of those 'Had to be there' kinda jokes I'm sure.” he added with a grin.

Before his good friend could respond however the looming shadow of Drew Wesley darkened the small table of their favorite Soda Shop. Mikey gritted his teeth and offered the tall bully a small nod, “Drew.” he said through gritted teeth knowing full well Drew wasn't there for any kind reason.

The lanky youth smirked down at Mikey with disdain as he popped the collar on his leather jacket and slapped one hand across the back of the seated youths head slightly dislodging his thick glasses, “Having a nice Date shrimp.” Drew tainted as he did so.

Mikeys eyes narrowed and he stood suddenly to his full height looking down at Drew and his cronies, “We're just friends.” he grumbled down to his constant tormentor completely missing the slightly crestfallen look on Alexandras face as he spoke. “Now you an your gang of hoodlums should get outta here.” he said with a slight quiver in his tone.

Drew only smirked and made a sudden feinted punch for Mikeys stomach causing the taller boy to flinch back. Drew shook his head and laughed with his cronies, “Yea yea, Leeds why don't you make us.” he taunted with a wide mocking grin.

Mikeys hands clenched for the briefest instant before loosening as he sunk back into his chair with a shake of his head knowing full well he couldn't risk hurting one of the boys. “Just as I thought,” Teased Drew, “You're nothing but Yellow just like your ol' man.” he taunted snottily and reached out taking hold of Mikeys milkshake and upending it over the timid boys head to the hoots an jeers of his little gang of delinquents.

At the outburst the owner came bustling out from behind the counter to shoo the hoodlums out of the shop and shook his head at Mikey, “Don't let those boys get to you.” he said and offered up a towel for him to wipe his face, “They'll never amount to nothing.” he added with a shake of his head for the now absent ruffians.

Mikey smiled awkwardly to the kind older man, “Thanks Tony.” he said with a shrug, “Sorry about your floor.” he added and tilted his head as if listening to some faint noise. He quickly turns to Alexandra and Tony, “I'm just gonna step into the bathroom to try and get cleaned up.” he says quickly and hurries across the shop into the small bathroom.

As the door clicked shut he erupted into a flurry of motion and seconds later Phalanx leapt out of the window and streaked skyward toward the sounds of trouble his super sensitive ears had picked up in the shop. In a blur Phalanx, the Son of the Centurion, streaked into the rampage of the robotic menace the sinister Dr. Simian had unleashed.

Drew and company let out terrified screams as the gorilla-bot hurtled a car directly at the! At the last moment Phalanx intercepted the deadly if makeshift missile easily catching the hurtling vehicle. He gave the boys a small nod, “You best get clear this could get ugly.” he advised as he reversed the vehicles course firing it right back at the mechanized menace.

As the civilians cleared out Phalanx unleashed a punishing barrage of attacks zipping back and forth in front of the huge robot maneuvering it for his final blow and toppling the automaton with a mighty punch that laid it out clear of the surrounding buildings.

Moments later he slipped back through the window and was nearly changed back when there was a tentative knock on the door, “Mikey you all right?” Alexandra asked, “You just missed the most amazing thing.” she said voice full of wonder. Mikey Leeds stepped out with ans awkward smile, “Oh really? Ain't that just my luck.”

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