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The Legacy of Al-Kazar: Happy Grimday! (OOC)


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OOC for Grim's party, the first part of the Legacy of Al-Kazar saga.

Guest list:



Jack of all Blades

His sister, Jill


Atlas (already declined)

Taylor and Jack

Derrick and Stesha

Elena (is coming)

Ace Danger

Dr. Archeville



The invite was posted just as a teaser; you can have a character react to it, or just wait for me to do the first post at the party itself, or RP the walk up to the door of the Brownstone. No one should feel obligated to post just because your PC got an invite.

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Gizmo - I ask since Jack's one of the few people in attendance who both has a secret ID, and has a secret ID that The Scarab doesn't know - What's the deal with Jack at this party? Is he just going by the name "Jack?" Is he wearing anything that would identify him as Jack of All Blades? Elena's only met him in a "professional capacity" at this point. Is there any reason she's recognize him, or are we both flying blind at first?

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Yeah, sorry, should have made that clear for people who haven't been around the brownstone before. He is going by Jack, but he's not wearing his costume or wig. He's basically counting on the Wally West-factor in this case, plus he's kinda making an effort not to be a paranoid nutbag in front of Lynn's friends for her big party. It's totally reasonable for Elena to be introduced to "Jack", but he certainly wouldn't have any idea who she is. Likewise, as far as anyone there knows, Ellie is "Jack's sister Jill".

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A bit of background on Ira Silberman, aka the Amazing Al-Kazar, based on things I've had Grim mention in the past. He was a stage magician who wore a gold lamé turban and who's shows had an Arabesque theme, he seems to have has some access to actual magic though this has been rather vague, and he helped out the Freedom League from time to time. I've always pictured him in the PL6-8 range, like Mandrake or Zatara. He was always supposed to be a bit of a second stringer, so not the kind of hero everyone in Freedom has heard of or remembers. His career as a stage performer was probably more memorable than his crimefighting career.

In other words, for now I leave it up to the players to determine if they know anything about him, or knew him in the past.

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I have an idea for a post coming up, but I have to check something to make sure it applies. Grimday is after the thread with Grim's Parents? Or before?

There are two vital clues as to which thread comes first!

A) Grim gave a copy of Grampa Lou's memoirs to her mother at the end of They Have To Take You In.

B) Both threads are dated, dude! Look at the first posts! :P

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If only there were some central place where such information could be recorded... lined up, if you will...

I know, I know...

I put the date stuff there so when I do edit the Timeline, it's already worked out. HTML editing is just time-consuming, and apparently I'm lazy.

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