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So, We Meet Again [OOC]


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Alright he can tell Phantom spotted him but doesn't think Stesha has.

Move action: TP through the shadows (which you are so conveniently lurking in)

Standard Action: Make a grab for Jack Jr. Since he's not being held unless one of you has interpose to jump in the way of his grab he'll succeed in grabbing the baby.

Free Action: Monologue about your wicked ways.

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Stesha gets an HP for Zealots escape.

The void has no atmosphere nor anything solid within it its an extremely disorienting place. So without flight you can only really drift and this far from Phantoms vaguely shaped area where she imprisons and stores people/things there is no air.

Suffocation takes like forever so I'm sure Phantom can do something or you can manage something.

Since I forgot earlier phantom gets an HP for her complication(Baby)

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