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Wizards, and Giants, and Gods! Oh My! (OOC)


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While I'm new here, I've done enough roleplaying elsewhere to know that unless one is using mind or emotion control, dictating the thoughts and reactions of other people's characters is something of a nono, quote. Even if it's not actually against the rules here, I would appreciate it if you refrain from doing to my character(s).

Now, back to the fight:

Attack Roll(All-out Attack +5, Power Attack -5) (1d20+10=25). Toughness DC 30.

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I'm so sorry. I hadn't meant to offend. I'll go ahead and edit those bits out of the post, and refrain from doing it again.

25 hits. Toughness DC 30 (1d20+10=22) Leaving him Bruised and Stunned.

EDIT: This causes Knockback. He has a KB mod of -5. The rank of your attack is 15, he gets knock rank 10 distance. 1000 ft! He suffers another Damage Effect when he hits the ground of Rank 10. I'm not going to bother with having him go through objects.

Toughness Vs DC 25 from hitting the ground after KB (1d20+9=11) Wow, he fails that by 14. It's not enough to put him directly out, but it does Stagger him.

I made the below rolls before I'd done any of this. So he has 1 less point of toughness to throw around, but that doesn't affect any of the results.

Valkyrie will take advantage of that fact and attempt to clock him once more.

AoA 5/ PA 5 DC 32 Toughness & 25 Fortitude on hit. (1d20+8=18) She scores a hit this time. Let's see how the Giant holds up.

Toughness DC 32; Fortitude DC 25 (1d20+9=24, 1d20+14=32) He fails the toughness by 8, Bruised and Stunned again. He passes the Fortitude in spades.

After my IC post, that will make it Sarah's turn, with the Giant Stunned!

EDIT: Need to do some more Calculations for KB.

EDIT 2: I'm going to have Valkyrie surge and try for a finishing blow.

AoA 5, PA 5 DC 32 Toughness & 25 Fortitude (1d20+8=22) Hits.

Toughness DC 32, Fort DC 25 (1d20+7=13, 1d20+14=26) Yea, he fails that miserably and is out like a light.

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