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High Noon (OOC)


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This is a closed thread, invitation-only.

The continuous beam of light is moving east at 100mph, or 1,000ft per combat round. It covers a 600ft diameter circular area, and the cylinder stretches all the way into space. Anything caught in its path has to make a DC35 Toughness save. There is no Reflex save for 1/2 damage. Treat it as a rank 20 effect when applicable.

You have a lot of options here. That plane is going to come down right in the heart of the city if no one stops it. There are hundreds of thousands of people in the path of the beam who will be killed if they don't evacuate, and fast. The sudden devastation is going to cause all sorts of chaos as some people attempt to flee, some people refuse to flee when they should, and others attempt to take advantage of the situation. The beam is cutting through streets, buildings, cars trees, everything.

So feel free to have your character either address the beam directly, or help out with search-&-rescue/evacuation/etc., whatever you want. Use your imagination and go nuts.

You can also feel free to investigate the source/cause of the beam, but you might want to attend to more urgent matters first.

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OK, Cy, if your A.I. can fly the ship by itself, and you want, it can follow the beam up into space. AW, if Psyche has ESP 8+, she can do the same (kinda). The beam's 600ft wide by the time it hits the ground, but it's more like 10 miles wide at the source, which is in upper orbit. Go ahead and roll Notice checks for Psyche and Persephone when they first "follow" the beam up, and also Search checks if they want to dedicate the time necessary to make an extended Search of such a large area.

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Alright gonna Fly out to the Plane. Flight 10 as my Array starts set on full flight sets me at 10,000 mph as a move action I'll double or all out move to reach it as quickly as possible if I need to.

When I arrive I'll reset the Array to flight 2 (total 3 50MPH) SS 7 (Total 8 for an effective lifting strength of Str 82 Light Load of 250 tons a 747 weighs in around 200 according to the lifting table) and try to catch the plane. Once secure I'll look for a safe place, IE not int he path of the beam, to set it down.

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Durf: I'm gonna experiment with the Kenson method for Phalanx stopping the plane. Add Mike's STR bonus to his Super-STR ranks and Flight ranks, and make a contested roll against the plane with that. Every 2 points you get over the plane's score drops its Flight rank by 1. When its Flight hits 0, it's out of momentum and effectively stationary in your hands. You have 5 rounds (30 seconds) to do so, otherwise, it's crashing. The slower it's moving when it crashes, the less chance of injury for the occupants.

The plane has STR 55 (+22) and Flight 6, for a total of +28. It gets a 39.

Witch: The area originating the beam is 6 steps up the Extended Range table from the base 5ft for a Search, so the time is 6 steps up the Time table from the base 1 round. So normally it would take 24 hours. With Rapid 6 (Quickness 18), that drops to less than a second. So barring whatever action her ESP takes to activate in the first place, the actual search itself is a Free Action for her.

And that search reveals...nothing. As far as she can tell, the beam is just appearing spontaneously in empty space and shooting down to Earth.

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Cy: The beam doesn't trip Hellion's Magic Awareness, so whatever the source is, it's not magical.

Persephone's got Mental Quickness 4, so a Search of the 10-mile wide area originating the beam is going to take her about an hour. I'll let you know what her Super-Senses turn up once that's passed.

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Two more points of clarification:

First, for those observing the origin point of the beam: The origin point itself is not stationary. Both ends of the beam are moving in tandem with each other.

Second: Wharton Forest, the first point where the beam touched down, is now on fire. So, y'know, do what you want with that. :D

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Created Object's Toughness save (DC35): 27. Fails by 8, so it's Injured, but not Disabled. Which means the beam chips away at it, but doesn't penetrate yet.

At rank 11 with Progression 5, she's easily got enough volume to block the entire beam.

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Yeah, Alex can do some quick calculations in her head and realize that a 20,000 mile long, 10 mile wide balloon isn't gonna remain intact for very long at all. It's like how you could thread and weave a 12-inch rope out of some spare fabric scraps you've got laying around the house, and it would support your weight just fine, but make a 1200ft rope out fo the same materials with the same methods, try to use it to rappell down the side of a mountain, and watch how it snaps in half by the time you get halfway down. Edge knew the very basics of balloon construction, but lacks any of the sort of scientific knowledge that would be necessary to scale it up to such insane levels. Just existing already has to be taking its toll on the balloon, and moving it around is going to put it under even more strain. If Erin drags it across town, it could rip in half. But the beam's starting up again anyway (albiet slowly), so if Erin doesn't move it out of the way, it could blast another crater in the middle of the city and start this mess all over again.

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Alright Phalanx doesn't have microscopic vision and I don't think I can get the points to stunt it with out loosing either the x-ray vision or the extended vision (Really both with his current set up, but even if Shaen let me use my pending edits I couldn't) So I'll say he tries but can't manage to keep it all going at once.

As per IMs with Shaen. Switch array to quickness and take 20 on a notice check for a 25.

*edit* Durr as shaen has pointed out I don't need to stunt off my super senses.

Extra effort to stunt off my main array: X-ray vision, Microscopic vision(atomic level) and quickness 10

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Z uses Extra Effort for the following power stunt off her Time Control array:

Quickness 18 (x1,000,000, Feats: Progression [2 Subjects], Extras: Affects Others, Flaws: Limited [Others]) [19PP]

She gives this power to Psyche and Edge. Among other things, they can now use her PDA to take 20 on any Knowledge checks they want as a Free Action.

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