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World Domination Through Recycling (OOC)


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This is an invitation-only thread. Unless you've received a PM from me, don't post here.

Assuming you've been invited, feel free to describe how your hero winds up on the scene. Maybe he was alerted to the situation on the bridge by law enforcement, by watching the news (such as Amy Feng's chopper broadcast from the Introduction), or just by listening to the cacophony of horns as the traffic backs up farther and farther from the bridge. Or your hero could be commuting on the bridge in his secret ID when Talos and his new Bugbots attack. Use your imagination.

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Also, quick background for those of you not as intimately familiar with the Freedom City setting (all of this is public knowledge):

Talos is an 8ft tall robot genius who hates all organic life and wants to repopulate Earth with a race of machines like him. He was unearthed in the late 20th century by archaeologists investigating ruins under the sea. They accidentally reactivated him, and he started running amok. He's clashed with the Freedom League many times, and seems to have a particular hatred of Daedalus. Some scientists and historians suspect that he was the inspiration for the Talos from Greek myth. Finding him in an ancient ruin was like opening up an Egyptian pyramid and finding a 747. And in the World of Freedom, we call that "a Tuesday."

It is not, however, public knowledge that Talos is the "Talos from Greek myth," just like it's not public knowledge that the "Daniel Daedalus" who's on the Freedom League really is the Daedalus of Greek myth. Most people don't even know that he's the same Daedalus from the Silver Age Freedom League - they think that was his father.

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Characters can lift up to a heavy load overhead. While doing so they have a maximum dodge bonus of +1 and a –6 penalty on all actions. They move at 2/3 normal speed.

With Blitz's STR 12, the guy definitely counts as a heavy load on the Carry Capacity chart. So these penalties will apply to Blitz for this round. However, with Move-By Action and a 500mph-per-move-action base speed, he can easily accomplish everything you described in your post.

Also, have a Hero Point.

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Talos takes a Free Action to activate his Aura, and a Standard Action to attempt a grapple with Pharos.

Talos' attack roll vs Pharos (DC15): 17.

Pharos needs to make a DC27 Toughness save against Talos' Aura.

Talos' grapple check: 40.

Pharos needs to mae an opposed grapple check. Since Talos has the higher bonus, Pharos needs a 41 to take control of the grapple.

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Talos chooses "Damage" as the result for the first grapple. Pharos needs to make a DC30 Toughness save.

He uses Extra Effort to Surge for another Standard Action, another grapple check. He gets 36.

He uses GM Fiat for a re-roll: 52.

Talos chooses "Throw" for the second grapple result, and hurls Pharos over the edge of the bridge.

Since his Flight was active, he'll be fine. Unless one of those Toughness saves resulted in a Stun, in which case, he'll have to make a DC(Flight rank +10) Concentrate check to keep it up. If he flubs that, then he falls down to the water and has to make a DC28 Toughness save.

I use GM Fiat to waive the Fatigue. Galatine, have another 2 Hero Points for Pharos.

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Darksider, the 4 flamethrowers are each tossing out an Area (Line) attack. Go ahead and make 4 DC20 Reflex saves for 1/2 damage, followed by 4 DC20 Toughness saves (or DC17, if he makes the Reflex save).

Then have a Hero Point for distracting the bugbots away from the innocent bystanders and taking all that heat upon yourself.

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(01:55:59) Fox: Post IC, post OOC. No rolls - Create Object, whee!

(01:56:29) Fox: Assuming what I did was legal. If not, I'll edit.

(01:59:31) ShaenTheBrain: ...Yes and no. Here's the thing - although Create Object is Ranged, unless you have the +Movable extra (which allows you to move your Created Objects as if you had Telekinesis), once you create an object, you can't move it. It stays put where it is, or falls down if it's not stable. You've got Stationary, so you could create it in mid-air and it would stay put, but you can't create it, then move it around. However...

(01:59:56) Fox: Was afraid of that.

(02:00:06) ShaenTheBrain: Since you've also got Earth Control (-Limited TK), you could just move the cement, with them on it, and your IC post wouldn't have to change at all.

(02:00:12) ShaenTheBrain: When I read it, I thought that was what you were doing.

(02:01:30) ChatBot: Fox has been logged out (Timeout).

(02:01:33) Sandman_XI: Gala, Fox, you are needed in LOL OOC

(02:01:36) Sandman_XI: DAMMIT

(02:01:41) ShaenTheBrain: Damn.

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