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Yea Verily!


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Valkyrie is almost approved, and when she is, I will be archiving Lukos.

This is the first time in my 12 years of roleplaying that I've ever played a female character, and I am excited to take on the challenge. So in order to get off to a fast start, I am posting this now. Anyone interested in playing in a thread with Valkyrie? If you have any ideas, I would more than willing to hear them! :D

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The giant got summoned up by the wizard for some appropriately petty reason and began to rage around as commanded. The wizard himself is wearing Shoulders of Doom covered in Spikes of Villainy for the giant to step on later, allowing the tack scenario as well!

How did the wizard find this ritual of giant summoning? Loki, in the background, nudged things a bit purely for the lulz.

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It's worth noting that, while SHADOW's iconography still intentionally evokes their Nazi roots, they're not really about the ethnic cleansing, just TAKING OVER THE WORLD. Since becoming aware of his own many and varied reincarnations, and his origins as an Egyptian (not that either is public knowledge), Wilhelm Kantor (A.K.A. "OverShadow," although that isn't public knowledge, either) quietly dropped the Nazi ideology and kicked it under the bed. Now, instead of the "master race," he puts himself up on the pedestal.

There are, however, many former Nazis in his employ. And he was personally responsible for the evil magics that bound Thor and another Valkyrie into the service of the Nazis during WWII. So while SHADOW =/= Nazis, there is some overlap, and the organization is certainly tainted with it from the top down.

Also, the rank and file of SHADOW are barely-sentient clones grown in vats en masse, and they've specifically been written that way so that PCs can do pretty much whatever they want to them without looking or feeling like villains. They're Acceptable Targets, so go nuts. :D

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