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Meet Gigawatt, Marked Man (IC, Open)


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Wednesday, June 23rd 2010, 9:00pm. There's a brisk wind blowing through the suburban neighborhood of Kingston. Lights can be seen through windows of semi-identical homes. Things are calm. Mothers and fathers are tucking small children into bed. There's a little ambient noise, the TV from down the street, the 20 year old pickup backfiring a few times before speeding on it's way. A typical evening, except for the man Gigawatt flying lazily overhead.

Gigawatt loved late night flying. He could feel a touch of the wind, the noise levels dropped, and things weren't so hectic. Keeping active had become problematic after his transformation. He didn't eat anymore, he didn't need to bathe, or brush his teeth. Couldn't go back to work. It was amazing all the time he had. Fighting crime helped fill some of that time. Long naps in the power grid eat more.

It was peaceful in suburbia, and Gigawatt smiled. Things seemed good here. He wasn't paying too much attention, bobbing and weaving. Flight in this fashion was one thing he never considered would be this fun. That's why he didn't notice the sound of mechanical joints whirring. It's why he didn't notice the rather large machine man below him, aiming a large particle weapon at him. It wasn't until the shot was fired, and a noise like a small explosion came to him that he had any idea.

The shot went wide to his left, nearly clipping his arm. It stood in the middle of a cul-de-sac, steel plating colored in reds, and yellows. In the center was a spherical indentation which gave off a cool blue glow. The machine took aim once again.

Gigawatt's first thought was “Why is this thing after me?†His second thought was “I must get it way from this place. Innocents must not be harmed.†That objective in mind, his picked up the speed, flying closer to the ground, trying to keep direct line of fire between the machine and himself clear. Stray shots might not hurt him, but who knew what would happen to the homes and cars below?

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The sound of that first shot had drawn out a crowd of people. People wanting to know why there had been an explosion in their streets. They peeked out of doors, and windows and saw the dome-headed construct standing in the middle of their street, pointing something into the air. Not everyone saw the glowing blue ball of energy that hovered over one of the homes.

Gigawatt and the machine stared at each other for a brief moment. The glow coming from the machine had gotten much weaker, but there seemed no reason for it. It lowered the weapon for a moment, and started to run off. "Receiving instructions, Hal?" Gigawatt called before he advanced on the machine. He wasn't sure who had it in for him, but that machine could be getting orders from anywhere, with any purpose at all. Better to not take chances. He gathered some of his stored energy, and scorches some pavement trying to overload the mechanical beast.

It continued to run, but Gigawatt had no trouble keeping up. This was a footrace, and he had a car on the track. Gigawatt blastedagain, this time catching the thing in it's dome-like head. It fell to the ground, sparking and fidgeting. The show had drawn more spectators, who looked confused, frightened, or angry. "Ladies and gentlemen, please do not be alarmed. This small situation is under control. Please go back inside, and enjoy your evening." Gigawatt did what he could to calm these people, but he had never been real talented when it came to speaking with people. Some crossed their arms, and didn't look like they'd be moved, others moved on now that the show was over.

Before Gigawatt had the opportunity to look over the machine, maybe get some idea of who had sent it, he heard an all too familiar voice overhead. "You always were a brute, you know. You never treated my work with the care it deserves." Gigawatt looked up to see a rather odd floating platform, it had the look of a helicopter, but didn't have the rotors. It floated some 100 feet off the ground. He could see anyone from where he was, but he knew that voice.

"What do you want, Mathew?" Gigawatt called to the man who made him what he was.

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