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QuoteMyName (Silver) - Valkyrie - PL11 Hero

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Characters Name: Valkyrie

Power Level: 11 (166/173)

Trade-Offs: -2 Attack for +2 Damage, -2 Defense for +2 Toughness

Unspent PP: 7

Progress to Gold: 23/90 (Silver status earned by Breakdown & Colt)

Alternate Identity: Vivian Kriger

Age: 28

Gender: Female

Height: 6'0''

Weight: 180 lbs

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Blonde


Quote: ec forsacho allum dioboles uuercum and uuordum, Thunaer ende Uuöden ende Saxnote ende allum them unholdum the hira genötas sint

Translation: I renounce all the words and works of the devil, Thunear, Woden and Saxnôt, and all those fiends that are their associates.

Description: Vivian is taller than the average woman, standing at 6 in height. Her height combined with her waist length blonde hair and blue eyes advertises her Scandanavian heritage well. Vivian is a beauty, to say the least. She has always had an aura about her that attracts people, and her good looks don't hurt either.

As Valkyrie, Vivian sports her blue-grey steel celestial armor with practiced ease. At the crest of her breastplate just below the neck rests the Orb of Fate, which sockets into the armor whenever she calls upon it. Vivian's half helm is crested by two golden wings. Purely ornamental, these wings denote her as a Valkyrie. Vivian's articulated plate is very light due to its celestial nature. Though the armor covers her whole body, its weight is negligable. Vivian also sports the legenday gauntlets and belt of power once worn by Thor himself. These extremely ornate pieces of armor are made of leather and lobstered steel with runes carved in them to denote their power. The final artifact bequethed to her by the gods is Mjollnir itself, Thor's legendary hammer. This hammer is summoned to her along with the rest of her celestial artifacts when she evokes the Orb. Mjollnir is the size of a 10lb. sledge, but is actually much heavier. Both the haft and head of the hammer are made of lightweight steel. The head sports ornate designs and scripts, making the hammer itself a true work of art.

History: She graduated from Harvard with a degree in history. For the past few years, however, she has been working in Freedom City to pay her way through grad school in order to get her masters. She was extatic when she found out that one of her professors was organizing a trip to an archeological dig in scandinavia, she was understandably excited. She arranged to accompany her professor immediately.

Once at the ruins, Vivian was eager to go exploring. She separated herself from the group and quickly got herself lost. Fascinated by her surroundings, she found herself touching and feeling everything, taking it all in. Suddenly, her fingers found a hidden catch. She tumbled through a trap door, and landed in a hidden room that had never before been discovered. It was there that she discovered the Orb of Fate. Touching the Orb instantly caused her to commune with the gods through the Norn. The Norn told her of the blessings the gods were willing to grant her, and the mission she must carry out. Vivian accepted and was suddenly jerked back to reality. When she regained consciousness, she found that she was wearing a miniature version of the Orb on a golden chain around her neck. The Orb glowed whenever she touched it, and she knew that it had not been a dream.

Personality & Motivation: Vivian is an intellectual, or at least tries to be. She was never the smartest girl in school, but through her dedication and hard work, she was able to go very far in life. She tries to pursue everything she is involved in with this same dedication and passion. Vivian also has some skill with words, and from time to time she has been known to use her good looks to aid her silver tongue, though she doesn't much like taking advantage of people.

Valkyrie must prove herself to be worthy of being one of Odin's chosen. Until such time as that destiny is fulfilled, she strives to show that she is worthy of his gifts any way she can. What better way to do that than to protect the innocent and defend the weak? After all, every story that features heroes fighting to serve the gods has proven them to be individuals of impeccible character. Who is she to break such a tradition? What Valkyrie fails to realize is that Odin is less concerned with her moral compas and more concerned about her ability to do battle. He does not need a champion of truth and justice, but rather a champion of battle. The gift of her powers is essentially what boils down to the gods test driving their new play-thing.

Powers & Tactics: Vivian's powers come from the gods. She is blessed with enhanced strength, good health, and an aura that is an inspiration to many on the battlefield. As Valkyrie, Vivian wields many great gifts from the gods.

First is the Orb of Fate, or the Orb av Skjebnesvanger. It is about six inches in diameter and made of solid glass. The Orb is heavily enchanted, and looks to have clouds swirling within it. The Orb grants her great abilities of protection, luck, and the power to Teleport from place to place should she invoke it. It has been rumored that the wielder of the Orb of Fate can glimpse the future with regards to matters of great importance, though the Orb has display no such abilities for Vivian thus far. The Orb also has the ability to summon the other artifacts to her, though the process of arming herself with these divine implements takes a few moments. The Orb of Fate is a sister artifact to the Tapestry of Fate. While the Tapestry granted control over fate, the Orb offers the ability to observe all elements of this fickle force. After the destruction of the Tapestry of fate, the Norse Gods were loathe to see the Orb fall into the wrong hands. For many years it was hidden away, but recent developments have forced the hand of the Gods. Fearing the Orb to be unsafe, on their own plane, the decided it would be best if hidden in the most unlikely of places: The Mortal plane. It was then that the gods Entrusted the Orb to Valkyrie, and bestowed upon her the tools necessary to protect it.

The second implement gifted to her by the gods is the legendary hammer Mjollnir whose name means, "Crusher". This hammer grants her great offensive strength in battle. Whenever a foe is struck with the hammer, the Gods themselves punish Valkyries adversaries with Divine retribution. Any enemy struck by Mjollnir is also struck by a bolt of lightning from the heavens. As per legend, this magical hammer will never miss its target, and when thrown, will surely never travel far enough that it cannot find it's way back to it's owner. Vivian has also recently discovered an additional ability of the hammer. When held aloft, Mjollnir is capable of generating a torrent of lightning and thunder, damaging, deafening, and blinding all nearby foes.

Vivian was also given a set of Gauntlets and a Belt, Jarngreipr & Megingjord, so that she may properly wield Mjollnir. Without these items, it is impossible for mere mortals to even heft the hammer, let alone wield it effectively. These Gauntlets and Belt further enhance her gifts of stength from the gods, and grant her the ability to perform great feats of strength.


- Idealist: Vivian has a set vision of how the world should be. Many times she finds that this clashes harshly with reality.

- Heroine: Vivian closely obeys a code of honor as a hero. She will go out of her way to protect the weak and innocent.

- Heavenly Arms: No mere mortal may wield the hammer of the gods. But any mortal with access to Jarngreipr & Megingjord may indeed heft it, though it still requires an enormous amount of strength to properly wield. If the Gauntlets and Belt are taken from Valkyrie, so too may be the Hammer.

- Liar, Liar: Sometimes Vivian just can't help but lie. Especially when she gets carried away in stressful situations. This problem is further compounded by the fact that she is good at lying.

- To The Last: In keeping with Norse philosophy, Valkyrie will keep fighting even under truly hopeless conditions when all others would retreat, until she is completely physically incapable.

- A Worthy Opponent: When Valkyrie fights an opponent she thinks is weaker than her (and so many are) she will always give that opponent the chance to surrender, preferring to do battle with a worthy opponent. Valkyrie gets a hero point whenever she allows an evil-doer the chance to surrender rather than charging into battle.

In Brief: The chosen warrior of Odin wielding powerful magical artifacts.

Stats: 0+2+0+2+4+4 = 12pp

Str: 10/18/25 (+0/+4/+7)

Dex: 12 (+1)

Con: 10/18 (+0/+4)

Int: 12 (+1)

Wis: 14 (+2)

Cha: 14 (+2)

Combat: 10+10 = 20pp

Attack: +9/+5

Grapple: +8/ +12 Enhanced Strength/ +19 Gauntlets and Belt

Defense: +9 (+5 base; +4 Shield), +2 flat-footed

Knockback: -0/ -2 Enhanced Constitution/ -11 Orb of Fate

Initiative: +1

Saves: 4+0+6 = 10pp

Toughness: +12 (+4 Con, +8 Protection); 10 Impervious

Fortitude: +4 (+0 Con, +4)/ +8 (+4 Enhanced Con, +4)

Reflex: +1 (+1 Dex, +0)

Will: +8 (+2 Wis, +6)

Skills: 40r = 10pp

Bluff 11/15 Attractive (+13/+17)

Diplomacy 11/15 Attractive (+13/+17)

Knowledge (History) 8 (+9)

Notice 5 (+7)

Sense Motive 5 (+7)

Feats: 5pp

All-out Attack


Power Attack

Takedown Attack 2

Powers: 33+12+32+8+6+8+8+3+3 = 113pp

Descriptors: Divine, Artifact

Device 7 ("Orb av Skjebnesvanger"/Orb of Fate; 35 points; Hard to Lose; PFs: Indestructible, Restricted 3, Subtle) [33pp]

Enhanced Feats 3 (Luck 3) {3pp}

Impervious Toughness 10 {10pp}

Protection 8 {8pp}

Shield 4 {4pp}

Teleport 4 (400 feet / 1 mile; PF: Change Velocity, Turnabout) {10pp}

Device 3 ("Jarngreipr & Megingjord" / Gauntlets of Power; 15 points; Hard to Lose) [12pp]

Enhanced Strength 7 (to 25/+7) {7pp}

Super Strength 4 (effective Str 45, Hvy Load 6 tons) {8pp}

Device 10 ("Mjollnir"; 50 points; Easy to Lose; PFs: Restricted 2) [32pp]

BE: Blast 5 ("Hammer Throw"; PF: Mighty 7, Improved Crit) + Linked Paralyze 10 (Extras: Alternate Save [Fortitude, +0], Range [Ranged, +1]) {18+30=48pp}

AP: Strike 5 (Feats: Mighty, Improved Critical 2) + Linked Paralyze 10 (Extras: Alternate Save [Fortitude, +0], Duration [sustained, +2]) {8+40=48pp}

AP: Strike 10 ("Rage of the Gods"; Extras: Area [General, 50-ft. Burst], Selective Attack; Flaws: Action [Full]; Feats: Knockback 5, Variable Descriptor [Electric/Sonic], Progression [Area] 2 [250-ft. radius Burst]) + Linked Dazzle 10 (Audio and Visual Senses; Extras: Area [General, 50-ft. Burst], Flaws: Action [Full], Range [Touch]) {28+20=48PP}

Enhanced Constitution 8 [8pp]

Enhanced Attack 4 [8pp]

Enhanced Feats 6 (Inspire 5, Leadership) [6pp]

Enhanced Strength 8 (to 18/+4) [8pp]

Immunity 3 (Cold Environments, Disease, Poison) [3pp]

Quickness 2 (x5; PF: Alternate Power) [3pp]

AP: Speed 2 (25 mph / 250 feet per Move Action) {2pp}

Drawbacks: -4 = -4pp

Normal Identity (Full Round Action) [-4pp]

DC Block:

Unarmed - DC 19/22/Toughness - Bruise

Mjollnir (Thrown) - DC 27 Toughness, DC 20 Fortitude - Bruise/Paralyze

Mjollnir (Melee) - DC 27 Toughness, DC 20 Fortitude - Bruise/Paralyze

Rage of the Gods - DC 20 Reflex, DC 25 Toughness, DC 20 Fortitude - Bruise (Save - Half)/Deafened, Blinded.

Costs: Abilities (12) + Combat (20) + Saves (10) + Skills (10) + Feats (5) + Powers (113) - Drawbacks (4) = 166/173pp

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Ok a few issues with Mjollnir

Blast AP is a rank six effect as it stands. Ranged attacks require you to buy 1 rank of mighty for each +1 damage bonus your strength can contribute. It would be 6pp more to use your full str bonus setting it over the device budget by that much.

Strike AP is usign 46 not 48 not that that's a big deal but for bookkeeping it should be noted.

AOE AP also seems to be less than 48. 18pp for the strike and extras, and 20 for the dazzle by my count for 38 total.

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Added the Complication Heavenly Arms to account for the fact that Mjollnir is only Restricted 2, when it should probably be Restricted 3, as per last night's discussion in chat.

Italicized the names of the artifacts in the background text.

Mjollnir edits:

Blast: Lowered the Paralyze rank by two, gaining six extra points which I pumped into purchasing Mighty 7.

Added Improved Critical 2 to the Strike AP to bump it to full cost.

Rage of the Gods: Strike 10 is 1pp/r + 2 extras -1 flaw = 2pp/r. 10r = 20pp + 8 feats = 28pp. Dazzle 10 3pp/r + 1 extra - 2 Flaws = 2pp/r = 20pp. 20+28 = 48. Where are you getting 38 from?

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