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The Maltese Gecko [OOC]


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Ok, so Geckoman shot from behind... DC 22 hit, he gets 15. Bruised + Stunned, knocked on his stomach.

Geckonitiative, assailant (1d20+9=20, 1d20+9=18)

Round One

Geckoman lies down for some time, in pain.

Assailant swings through window and removes flame, i.e. source of light.

Round Two

Geckoman stands up, draws .44 Smith & Wesson Model 29 revolver, shoots at assailant. Gets a 10. Assailant is not a bystander.

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Round Two, Continued

Forgot to mention Gecks healed already.

The assailant tries to Startle as a move action. Startle; Resist! (1d20+13=33, 1d20+5=20) And... facepunching... DC 24 Toughness save (1d20+6=10, 1d20+7=18) HAH!

Round Three

Retaliatory feint + shot! DC 23 feint by default, Resist, shoot, DC 19[21 with feint] (1d20+12=29, 1d20+10=23, 1d20+10=12) So... fail to feint, then miss.

Grapple! Roll to hit; assailant grapple; Geckograpple; damage if hits desk is DC 18 (1d20+11=18, 1d20+15=18, 1d20+10=20, 1d20+7=17) He misses by 1!

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Round Four

Geckoman drops the Feint bomb, DC 23 to resist again! Assailant resisting feint, roll to hit, Assailant toughness (1d20+13=32, 1d20+10=17, 1d20+10=23) :?

The assailant PAs for 5 with a punch... DC 24 punch to Geckoface, in offensive stance! (1d20+8=16, 1d20+7=24) WHY CAN NOONE HIT IN THIS THREAD! Fiat. Retry, and a different save for fairness' sake (1d20+8=18, 1d20+7=13) Add 10 to the initial roll for... 20. Critical hit. Gecks fails by 16 and is unconscious.

So, spend my Fiat HP on a re-roll. Back to 2... DC 29, don't fail me! (1d20+7=25) A mere bruise.

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Geckoman has 2 HP still, and has fired 3/6 shots of his clip.

Round Five

The bruise peels off.

Geckoman taunts, then goes for feint number 3. DC 28 on each count. Resist taunt, resist feint [at -2 if taunt works] (1d20+12=22, 1d20+15=30) Well, the taunt worked.

The assailant goes to Startle again. It works stupidly well. He then goes to trip. Hit, trip, resist trip (1d20+11=16, 1d20+5=25, 1d20+5=22) When Gecks is prone, he then goes to kick him when he's down. Power Attack for 5, DC 23 (1d20+6=24, 1d20+7=21) Another bruise, and the assailant will be fatigued next round from surging.

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Round Six

Geckoman is on 3 HP, has 3 shots left, and his bruise automatically heals.

He makes a DC 20 Skill Mastery Acrobatics check as a free action, getting to his feet, a move action to cross the room as a move action, and shoots as a standard action. DC 19 Toughness (1d20+10=12) Misses by miles.

The assailant is now Fatigued. And charging offensive stance Power Attacks. (-6 defence, -1 Attack, +5 DC) Punch the Gecko! DC 24 with FISTS! (1d20+10=24, 1d20+7=9) He hits, he fails by 16, I'm sick of this, Geckoman's down and out.

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