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Meltdown (OOC)


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Initiative for The Scarab: 16.

As per usual, before she arrives The Scarab conducts some reconaissance. She uses her ESP from her HQ to take 20 on a Rapid extended Search of the entire area. Unless someone's got total Concealment against both Visual and Mental senses, or can make a DC43 Stealth check, she spots them at some point during the round before she arrives.

The Scarab is going to use the Accurate Teleporter in her HQ to open up a portal close to Ironclad and Rift, fly through, then close it behind her and address them.

The Scarab's reputation tables are here.

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The Scarab will take a Free Action to reconfigure her array as follows:

Communication 2 (100ft) [5PP]

ESP 8 (2,000 miles) [31PP]

She takes a Free Action to maintain Flight and Force Field/Shield, Free Actions to initiate Two-Way Mental Communication with each hero on the scene, a Full Action to activate ESP, a Free Action to take 20 on an extended Search of the power plant (DC43 for anything attmepting to hide from her, DC28 Notice check for anyone in the plant to know they're being scryed upon [DC18 if they have Mental Awareness or another applicable Super-Sense]), and Free Actions to share the results of her search with the assembled heroes via Mental Communication.


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I'm going to power stunt Progression on my teleport so I can take Blitz with me. I am really going to hope that regular teleport without the Accurate extra is enough to get us "ten feet past the doors". It's up to you, Geez3r. I kind of just want to do this for cinematic effect. If this is not allowable, let me know. I can either edit my post, or maybe powerstunt up some form of an Accurate Teleport.

If that's required, I would probably change it to: Teleport 3 (PF: Progression) [10pp]

So yea, just let me know if this flies or not.

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I think Geez already met us far enough halfway letting me blow the drones' cover in the first place. Let's actually get off our asses and get inside. :D

I was one of the most recent IC posters in this thread, so I was standing back to let other people get their 2 cents in.

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