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My Triumphant Return


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Okay, so I has been out of the loop. :oops: But I am back and asking for your help with getting back in the saddle. A lot of my threads I think will end up hand waved for the endings just so that we're not resurrecting every dead thread I was in.

AA and I have discussed the vampire baby plot and I think that will end with a fade to black on the fight and pick up after Dracs has been chased off and with Jack meeting his son for the first time. That way that thread can be wrapped up with just a few folks.

As to the rest, if you have an old thread you need me in, please post it here. Likewise, if there is a thread you need from me that is brand new to deal with the time Alex and Taylor have been busy, also please ping me here and I will get to posting.

Thanks and I missed all of ya! Glad to be back.

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I don't think I have any old threads with you that can't be quietly handwaved, but I need you for some new stuff whenever you're available. My characters need counsel and advice! :D More specifically, I'd like to do a thread where Alex and Erin talk about boys, and as soon as Stesha gets her ring, she's going to have to show it off, of course.

And after that... new plots!

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