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Blood & Rage (IC)

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Rouge was getting used to prowling the alleyways of the theatre district. It was her home turf. She felt like it's protector. No one did anything at night without her watchful eyes on them. Of course Avenger was around, still watching her fledgling vampire steps. That would suffice. Sometimes you need all the help you can get. He wasn't bad looking help either. She stopped when she saw a couple huddled in an alleyway. Stealthily she crept up to them with out them even noticing her. She quickly found out why. Homeless people were were a sad sight, but there was nothing she could do about their plight. She left as stealthily as she came. There were other parts to deal with.

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Thomas had been doing a good deal of soul searching ever since his fight with Avenger. More and more, he found himself walking the city at night with a cup of coffee, and a duffel bag with a certain set of clothing in it. He would rather not go to sleep, or feel tired enough to do so. Going to sleep meant crawling back to his cave in the forest. Ever since he'd failed to obey the orders of his Alpha, he'd been cast out of the pack. He was a renegade wolf, alone in the world. The feeling left an empty hole in his chest.

Thomas took another pull of the lukewarm plastic covered coffee in his hand. The scent of death stabbed his nose. It wasn't a natural scent. It did not mix with decay as death usually does. This was death preserved, and not though the use of chemicals. This was the same scent he had smelled that night. Avenger It was the scent of Vampire.

Kill Wolf was understandably bitter.

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Rouge floated up to the rooftops in a gaseous form. She could get a better view from up there anyway. It was better to have the high ground too! When she got up there she saw someone strange. He looked rougher than the couple back there. He might be able to cause some trouble. Floating back down to the alley way she switched appearances to an unassuming girl, no younger than ten. She even changed her clothes to look like hobo clothes as no ten year old would be walking around in what she was in.walking with her head down, she walked out of the alleyway with her head down towards the big scary man and bumped into him, "Oh sorry, Mister"

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A splash of coffee flew out of the small hole in the top of the cup and landed on Thomas' white wife-beater. When you lived in the woods, it was even harder to keep white shirts white. Thomas frowned. Then sighed. Worse could have happened. Then as he breathed back in, he realized it just had.

Thomas' eyes went wide for a moment as he looked at the girl in front of him. The cup of coffee dropped straight out of limp fingers and crashed to the ground spraying not-so-hot coffee in every direction.

"@#$%" Thomas cursed harshly, still looking at the homeless girl. He shook, quickly, as if shaking off some unseen wetness. "Sorry. It is okay." He bent down and lifted the coffee cup, and lobbed it into a nearby trash can on the street.

Run, flee! Wolf urged him. Wolf's tail was between his legs. He would have been slinking away if he could.

Thomas turned, and slowly walked away from the girl. Though he would remember her scent.

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The homeless girl let out a silent curse in her mind. She couldn't lose her quarry that fast. Picking up the pace, she followed him. He would not get away. Rouge disappeared from sight and quickly followed the rough looking man. What was he up to? Wait a second! She could selectively disappear to everyone but him. And, well, Avenger. She did so popping into plain sight in front of him. She was in her regular form and costume. "So, how may I help you this evening, my good man?"

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Thomas halted, mid-stride. He stumbled a second in surprise, finally regaining his balance after getting both feet on the ground. "I knew it was a disguise. You can never be to careful around your kind." Thomas said under his breath when the girl reappeared in a different form. He recognized her scent as belonging to the homeless girl.

Thomas had to respect the fact that he was in the middle of the sidewalk in a relatively populated section of the city. He wasn't in costume, and his options were quickly slipping through his fingers. He was caught. Still, there was something to be said for knowing what you were up against. Nearly helpless though he may be, this alone did wonders for Thomas' nerves. He screwed up his courage and decided to play along for now. "You can start by telling me who you are." Duffel bag still in-hand, he folded his arms across his chest, a look of defiance spread across his face.

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