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The Battle of the Bands (OOC)


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When it comes time for the actual Perform checks, James, having the highest skill bonus, should make the actual check, and the other two stringed people should make Aid rolls (DC10, +2 to his score, +1 for every 10 points they get over DC10). Eddie and Chicken-Sticks should go ahead and make their own checks.

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I assumed he would be lead guitarist, on account of the fact that he's the best. Z likes to show off, but she'd concede to him if he's honestly better (which he clearly is). No need to hold himself back - he's not going to make her feel insecure. :D

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Okay so James actually is playing? That's fine. I had thought he was just going to come and watch for support.

For Eddie's part, he hits DC 32 on his singing perform check, and I'll attempt to use Perform [Dance] for his "showmanship" That hits DC 32 as well.

I'm in the process of giving Chicken Sticks an overhaul for the occasion and because he's been practicing so long now. I'll wait till those edits before they go through before I roll.

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Figured I may as well make these rolls ahead of time.

Zoe Aiding James on guitar: 22. He gets +3 to his final score.

Zoe Aiding Eddie on vocals: 24. He gets +3 to his final score.

Zoe's Nightmares check (DC5): 11. She starts the thread off Fatigued, but spends one of her 2 HPs to buy it off, leaving her at 1HP.

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OK, for reference, the DC chart under "Perform" in the Skills chapter of the core book doesn't go above 30. Chicken's drumming is the only aspect of their performance that (just barely) didn't literally score off the chart. The vocals scored a full 5-point increment above it, and the guitars scored three full 5-point increments above it. This was definitely a world-class performance, and it's going to get some attention.

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EDIT: *lightning strikes fretboard* UNISON BONUS!

EDIT 2: Also, I figured that we can all put in some good costume descriptions and such, then after a few posts go on stage. Eddie's first post on stage will be a little time skip. It starts with them finishing of their first song, which is an ODK orriginal. Then he goes into a speech and they start playing the second song which is when the situation really takes off. Is everyone okay with that?

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Guess what? Those 500 innocent bystanders are PL0 Bystanders. That means they have +0 Will. That means they're physicall incapable of making the DC21 Will save necessary to resist The Maestro's AoE Mind Control power.

All of the PCs, on the other hand, get to make saves. It's a Perception-range power, so there's no Reflex save against the Area. However, it is Sense-Dependent, so you all get a DC21 Reflex save to cover your ears in time. Failing that, you get a DC21 Will save to resist the Mind Control.

Maestro's Initiative: 19.

Bystanders Initiative: 9.

Zephyr's Initiative: 57.

Zephyr's Reflex Save (DC21): 28. She's good.

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