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A'Walkin' Amongst the Lilies OOC


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Extra Effort to stunt the following off his Comprehend Power

Comprehend 1 (spirits; Extras: Affects Others + Self, Burst Area; PFs: Progression 2/25-ft. burst)

Which'll let Robin (and anyone else within 25 feet of DH) see/speak spirits.

HP to nix the fatigue from the EE.

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Don't know how you want to do this. Gather Info checks strikes me as uncessary. If you want to interview Lewis some more that's fine, but I can't say how much more you'll get out of him. Otherwise, if you just want to say "they get back together xety mins later" that's fine with me.

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Oh, I've got specific questions ;)

First, asking around for Gina, a Gina who knows a (now-dead) guy named Lewis.

Ask Gina if she saw anything the night Lewis was murdered, or if she's seen any other murders or other weirdness.

Ask where the soup kitchen they're referring to it, talk to the nuns and Father Dave. Ask if they've seen or heard anything odd, or noticed if any of their regulars have disappeared.

And finally, unless one of the prior leads has given him something really good to go on, check with the county coroners (who would've handled the body of an unclaimed indignant) and see what they noted about Lewis' body, where it is, and if there's been a spike in transient deaths, or any unusually mutilated bodies.

Also, did Robin leave the Hand of Glory with Dead Head? It appears so, just wanted to make sure.

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That hits, though!

At the start of a battle, before you have had a chance to act (specifically,

before your first turn in the initiative order), you are flat-footed. You can’t

use your dodge bonus while flat-footed. The Uncanny Dodge feat allows

you to retain your dodge bonus to Defense while flat-footed (see page 65).

DH does not have Uncanny Dodge!

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