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Cold Case [OOC]

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Wow... that's the first time someone missed DH ;)

(But he is twice her PL)

Free Action to switch Array to Fearsome Presence.

Move action to advance.

Standard Action to use it.

Need a Will save from ya. DC is 22.

Fail, she's shaken (-2 on attack roll, saves, and checks).

Fail by 5 or more (i.e., get a 17 or less), she bolts.

Fail by 10 or more (i.e., get a 12 or less), she panics (defend normally, but can't attack; flee as fast as possible or cowers and is dazed if unable to flee) and drops any held objects.

Remember you can use an HP to re-roll.

Per Kenson, she'll get another save after one minute, then 5 minutes after that, then 20 minutes after that, and so on, with a cumulative +1 bonus on each additional save.

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After some thought, I shall not only not use DH's one HP to re-roll that, I'll take the result and gain an HP for the setback!

Using his Accurate Ranged Radius Detect Corpses [Mental] to pinpoint some corpses underneath them.

And Animate Objects/Corpses to animate them. Though, lacking the Horde extra, he can only get one at a time.


Abilities: Str 10 Dex 12 Con — Int — Wis 10 Cha —

Skills: None

Feats: Improved Initiative


    [*:2kfd3fjd]Burrowing 2 (2.5 mph/25 feet; 1 mph/10 feet through clay or packed earth)
    [*:2kfd3fjd]Immunity 40 (Fortitude effects, cold damage, half damage from slashing and piercing weapons)
    [*:2kfd3fjd]Protection 1
    [*:2kfd3fjd]Strike 1 (Power Feats: Mighty)

Combat: Attack +1, Damage +1, Defense +1, Initiative +5

Saving Throws: Toughness +1, Fortitude —, Reflex +1, Will —

Abilities: –28 + Skills 0 + Feats 1+ Powers 45 + Combat 4 + Saves 0 = 22

... he can't get the with Animate Objects 1.

*notices he has 9pp unspent*

Edit request time!

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Actually, since DH is bound & helpless from the Snare:

Helpless: Sleeping, bound, paralyzed or unconscious characters are helpless.

Enemies can make advantageous attacks against helpless characters, or even

deliver a coup de grace. A melee attack against a helpless character is at a +4

bonus on the attack roll (equivalent to attacking a prone target). A helpless character

loses any dodge bonus and takes a –9 penalty to Defense against attacks

from adjacent opponents, and a –5 penalty to Defense against ranged attacks.

... his Defense is 9 vs. Ranged attacks, and 5 vs. attacks made by adjacent opponents. (So the 7 still misses)

And for the sake of reference:


As a full-round action, you can deliver a coup de grace to a helpless opponent

adjacent to you. You automatically hit and score a critical hit. If the

defender takes damage but is not knocked out or dying, he must make

a Fortitude save (DC 10 + damage bonus) or be knocked out (for a nonlethal

attack) or dying (for a lethal attack). You can’t deliver a coup de

grace against a target immune to critical hits. You can deliver a coup de

grace against a target with total concealment, but doing this requires two

consecutive full-round actions (one to feel around and accurately perceive

the target and another to deliver the coup de grace).

(Though that won't do much to DH, since he's immune to Crits and Fort save effects ;) )

Also, since he's bound, he gains cover from the Snare. According to the Core book that gives him a +4 bonus to Defense, so his Defense is 13 vs. ranged, 9 vs. melee.

(I'd think being bound by a Snare would mean attacks on you hit the Snare first, and have to break through it before having a chance to damage you, but them's the rules as-written.)

Lastly, what is the meaning behind all those numbers in your die roll (1D20+2+5-2+2)? I know the +5 is from your Attack, and one of those -2s is from being shaken, but what are those two +2s?

(Though this is all kinda academic, since her Blasts cannot hurt him ;) )

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Bah! I keep forgetting the finer points of the system :(

Extra +2 and -2 were suppose to be the effects of being Shaken and the -2 defence Dead Head gets on being Snared (as I read the rules. I have likely screwed that up :()

Anyway, I might change that to a coup de grace since I forgot about that (ICE HAMMER!). Though that futile due to his saves (I haven't posted yet due to not being 100% sure)

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Okay, here's one helpful tip: when you make your attack roll, concern yourself only with the numbers that pertain directly to the Attack. In this case, her base Attack number, and the -2 from being Shaken. That's it. Don't worry about modifiers to the target's Defense -- the target's player (or Ref) will worry about those.

I'm fine with her changing to Coup de ICE HAMMAH. Still not sure if that should break her Snare, though...

Could be a cool visual: she shatters DH, like when Arnie shot the frozen T1000, then the bits wiggle and slither back together to reform DH.

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Well, Erin could top the order on a nat 1, but I rolled anyway. And I can't believe I wasted a nat 20 on that! Oh well. ;) Erin goes on 33.

She's going to jump in next to the beleagured Lady Winter and start smashing skeletons. I will leave it to Doc to determine their positions, but it's entirely possible with Takedown Attack 2 that she could take the whole bunch of them out in a round with no roll.

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Skeletons are Minions, so you can Take 10 on the attack roll. Wander easily hits.

The poor, defenseless Skeletons cannot make the DC 27 Wander rains down on their doomed skulls. She hits one, it goes down.

Given her Speed, Wander can reach them all with Takedown Attack 2.

Wander takes 'em all out in her first round.


Lady Winter's up!

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