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The Legacy of Al-Kazar!


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I just wanted to get some thoughts down here in the forums, as well as get a measure of interest from players on an idea I've been stewing on for sometime.

Young Lynn Epstein (aka Grimalkin) turns 22 on June 17th, so there's gonna be a party for sure, but more important from a story point of view she's going to inherit Silverman's Books, an old funky bookstore that's been in her mom's side of the family for sometime. But this is no ordinary bookstore; it was once the base of operations for Ira Silverman, aka the Amazing Al-Kazar, a minor Golden Age stage magician/mystic/adventurer-type who vanished back in 1957.

The bookstore will be an HQ (not replacing the Brownstone, of course!) and my plan is to have it linked to an alternate/pocket dimension called the Palace of Brass in the land of the Djinn. This apparently links up well with some stuff from Edge's past, and Ace Danger is the Golden Age incarnate, so there are at least two non-Interceptor characters with potential story hooks.

As I said, this is very much in development and I may need help from a GM, but I just wanted to get some feelers out. Based on Hebrew mysticism, I see some Indiana Jones potential here if we can make it work.

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Hiya peeps! Okay, I've been rethinking this thread a little bit, and I think I might have to change a few things.

1. I don't think Grim really needs a Palace of Brass, but I still want to do the bookstore, paid for as an HQ.

2. However, a one-time visit to the Palace might be a fun adventure for the Interceptors and some mystical hero friends.

3. This might work better as a two-parter, starting with the birthday party and then having the extra-dimensional trip happening later, maybe even a few weeks later in game time when she finds the magic mirror in the bookstore.

So first up is the party thread, and some of the characters of folks who expressed interest would not be invited to such a shindig, but could obviously jump in on the second half of the story. The Interceptors would all of course already be invited, including Dr A and Vince, but other folks Grim would invite would be Jack's lil' sister 'Jill', aka Ellie, and actually Atlas, assuming everyone doesn't hate him after the Invasion, and even then Grim would invite him and suggest he come incognito.

Since the Interceptors have gotten larger and I want to keep the party (i.e the thread) manageable, I'm thinking of leaving the Ex-Knights off the list, even though she does miss them lots and lots. Hurm...

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So here's the total list of folks Grim would invite to the party; no one should feel obligated to attend, as a hero's life is a busy one, and some people now have freaky inexplicable children to raise.



Jack of all Blades

His sister, Jill


Atlas (incognito, if need be)

Taylor and Jack

Derrick and Stesha


Ace Danger

Dr Archeville



I was thinking we can do a backyard barbecue style affair in the garden of the Brownstone, either catered or the Interceptors sharing cooking duties (we've got two kitchens and space for a grill or two out back). Let me know who'd attend, and then I will start up the thread.

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