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Assistance with an NPC


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I'm making a new NPC, a supervillain which will be an archenemy to Tank. The concept is that it is an alien that had died and came back as a ghost. (Backstory will be worked on, that's not the problem here) The main idea for this NPC is that it cannot be of any harm unless it possesses someone. If someone is possessing, they transform into this bulky, strong flesh-creature on fire. (think Ghost Rider, minus the clothing, the bike and has flesh on it's entire body) The possessed person will transform back once the NPC has left the body. The issue stems from how to integrate the powers. The NPC cannot be hurt by physical attacks and cannot use any power (aside from possession) without possessing someone. Also, it cannot possess someone that has some sort of living being inside them. (like Tank due to his parasite) For when he transforms into a flesh creature, his powers (atm) are as follows: (PL10 caps)

Array 15 [30pp]

BP: Strike 15 (Fire; PE: Mighty; Extras: Penetrating (10 ranks)) [26pp]

AP: Nauseate 10 (Extras: Vampiric)

For the ghost form, I'd like for him to have this:

Super-Movement 4 (Permeate 3; Trackless)

AP: Flight 2 (25mph)

AP: Space Travel 4

As for how the possession and transform thing will work, I'm not sure. Advice would be great please.

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Give him Insubstantial 4, with ectoplasm or something as the element type.

Depending on whether or not he is a visible ghost, you can stack on effects like obscure, etc. He should also have Protection or Force Field. (I think there is some caveat about being able to take Protection as well as having Insubstantial, but I may be misremembering.)

Give him Possession at rank = PL. Give Possession the Affects Insubstantial 2 power feat. Also, "Cannot Possess 'host' creatures" as a draw back may be a good way to model his inability to possess Tank and others like him. Though this may muddy the waters with regards to things like viruses and other simple organisms that require host creatures. I.E. if someone has the common cold, he may not be able to possess them. But I'm sure most GMs and refs would be willing to hand wave that away.

For the transformation, I suggest you use something like Empowerment, or Transform with the caveat that it is Limited to creatures that he has possessed.

Empowerment could be used to give them the alternate form power. They could then take a free action to activate the Alt Form and hulk out.

Another way to do it would be to just give all of his offensive powers, "Limited: Must be possessing a creature," rather than mucking around with Empowerment or Transform. Your procedure here will most likely depend on whether you want the ghost, or the host to be the one that is technically using the power. If you want the originator of the power to be the Ghost, then use the limit. If you want the possessed creature to be the one using the power, then use Empowerment or Transform.

Also, depending on how you want the fights to go, either consider giving Tank some powers that will Affect Insubstantial, or possibly give the NPC a flaw on his Possession that states that he takes damage when the host is damaged, or he takes the damage instead of the host, and possibly that he is, "kicked out," when he/the host takes X amount of damage.

Keep in mind, all of these suggestions are coming from me while I'm away from my books. They're just rough theoretical ideas, and are probably at least somewhat inaccurate.

Hope this helped. Good luck!

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Okay, after some testing I think I have a more accurate build now. (Doc, sorry but I lack the Freedom City Setting book atm...) Thoughts would be great.

Possession 10 (Flaw: Limited 2 (Not on housed hosts/Only on negative people) Drawback: Power Loss (If host is unconscious)) [19pp]

Linked with Possession, Empowerment 9 [54pp]

Alternate Form 17 (Flaws: Distracting, Feedback) [54pp]

Incorporeal 4 (Flaw: Permanent) [20pp]

Super-Movement 4 (Permeate 3, Trackless) [10pp]

AP: Flight 4 (100mph)

AP: Space Travel 8 (250x light speed)

Total: 103pp

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