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A Sorceress's Demanse

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Just figured I'd put my proposed PL 10's HQ up here. This is partially for help building it, possibly to make sure it's rules-legal; I've never tried some of this stuff with HQs before.

12 pts

Unless noted otherwise, these apply both to Robin's store and the lab within.

Size Small (0 pts)

Concealed The lab has a spell on it to make it innocuous and unnoticeable.

Defense System Only on the lab.

Holding Cells Prepared warding circles inside the lab.

Laboratory An arcane laboratory. :awesome:

Library She works in an occult bookstore. This is just mandatory.

Power x3 My version of Ward. :D

Power System Less 'has a generator' then 'doesn't use electricity.' Specifically the lab.

Workshop Also a necessity. Also in the lab.

Security System A mental alarm and anti-personal wards.

3 pts

Size Diminutive (-2 pts)

Living Space

Power 2

Security System

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Power x2 One of my stumbling blocks.

The Power feature gives the HQ a power, built on up to (2 x your PL) power points. Robin, being a PL 10 char, could use the Power Feature to give is a 20pp power (or a few small powers totaling up to 20pp).

We do allow you to take the Power feature multiple times, so as to make a bigger power. I did so with Archeville's Hanover Home HQ

Is this supposed to be for a Dimensional Portal, or for the whole HQ moving? If the former, you'll need the Portal extra (under Teleport); if the latter, you don't need it, since once it moves, it's moved.

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Actually, what I intended was that the power affects the base and anyone inside; I intend to use it to travel to different, mystical dimensions, should such a thing be necessary.

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So I shall. How does 25,000 lbs strike you as a carrying capacity?

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That sounds like 100 heavy set people, more than could (easily) fit into a Tiny (Townhouse-sized) HQ.

Excellent! Then it's perfect for an inter-dimensional gold-smuggling ring!

... I mean, in case I need to take exceptionally heavy heroes with me. :twisted:

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