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The Sounds of Science! [OOC}

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Starting slow, working up. All are nonlethal (honest!)

Need some Toughness saves from you, since your Force Field isn't Impervious. Three of each.

DC 17 (Hold-Out Pistol)

DC 18 (Light Pistol)

DC 19 (Heavy Pistol)

DC 20 (Shotgun w/ shot)

DC 21 (Shotgun w/ solid slug, or SMG on Autofire)

DC 23 (Blaster Rifle)

DC 27 (Blaster Rifle on Autofire)

Lemme see how those do, and that'll let me know where I'd need to stop in case any knock Rift unconscious. (No point in me writing about half a dozen different weapons if he falls after the second shot ;) )

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Hold-Out Pistol: fails first shot, bruised (-1 to save). Passes others.

Light Pistol: Passes first two, fails third. Another bruise (-2 to saves).

Heavy Pistol: Fails first by 5+, bruised & stunned (-3 saves). (He gives him time to recover and re-erect his force field.)

Would Rift want to stop there? If so, that's fine. If not...

Heavy Pistol: Fails second shot, bruised (-4 to saves). Passes third.

Shotgun w/ Shot: First fails by 5, bruised & stun (-5 to saves). Second fails by 10+, staggered & stunned.

Doc stops here and begins medical treatment.

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Some part of him wondered why they went with firearms when stun lasers of equal strength could have been used.

Doc actually did explain that, right before shooting him in the face: Rift's far more likely to encounter firearms than lasers in the field.

Wanna edit? Or leave as-is?

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Switching Gadgets 3 to

Healing 7 (medical lasers & metabolic stimulators)

Which will give him a +7 bonus on his recovery check, and the ability to make a recovery check instantly (rather than after one hour of rest, as normal for a staggered condition).

With his Con of 14/+2, his total recovery bonus is +9. Since the DC is 10, Rift automatically makes it.

Hooray :science: !

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A nice roll indeed.

He knows it can harness any portion of the EM spectrum to do pretty much anything any energy controller has done. The healing is new, but Rift's heard of Dark Star and he knows he can heal others with his solar-esque powers, and sunlight's just an assortment of EM waves, right?

He's stumped on the energy source, though: that's not enough to figure out what could be powerful enough to put out the required energy, yet small enough to fit into a hand-held wand (and not require much in the way of shielding). Daka crystals don't generate energy (as far as he knows), they just channel and can be used to manipulate it.

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He seems to use some sort of sound tech as well. Either that or they generate ultrasonic frequencies as a by product. I should make a mental note and look into that at some point. No, he probably wouldn't let me take a close look yet...Damn I am way to curious for my own good

Rift has sonar -- he sends out ultrasonic emissions that bounce off solid surfaces, to build an accurate picture of his surroundings. He's like a bat, man. ;)

Though Doc's Belt and Screwdriver (in its current configuration, at least) probably do give off some ultrasonic waves, so your IC post is fine.

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