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The Mark of Death

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So I had a really great idea for a thread last night in a dream. I plan to run it for you guys after I recruit for it and finish hammering out the details in my head.

Here's the scoop:

After a series of mysterious deaths at Freedom City's newest entertainment complex and bar (think Dave and Busters), four heroes decide to investigate, and end up in over their heads. These heroes will soon learn to beware the Mark of Death!

That's all you get for now :twisted:

So I'm looking for four heroes that should be closer to PL10 than anything else. This thread will be heavy on roleplaying and investigation. There will be minimal combat if any. There may be one short fight, the hard part is getting there ;)

As per usual on all of my threads, sign up is first come first serve. I would really appreciate that you plan to actively post in this thread if you sign up for it. I am not a fan of my threads dying out halfway though. If you promise to post, I can promise you a good story :D

Let the games begin!

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