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June 2010 Vignette: House of L Revisited

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FC:PbP is offering the community another "vignette" opportunity. If you'd like to read about our previous vignettes, check here.

A few weeks ago, the reality-bending powers of Richard Milhous Lucas created the House of L timeline: a world where the Silver Age never ended in Freedom City. The world never really moved past the shiny optimism of the early 1960s, even keeping the same fashion choices. The Centurion survived the Terminus Invasion here It's a better world in many ways, a place of happiness, peace, and order. But it's also a deeply troubled world trapped in the mindset of an old man happier decades past, one where the revolutions of race, gender, and sexuality never really came to fruition. It's a place, in short, very much like the comics of the High Silver Age, leavened with just enough of the Bronze that minority characters actually exist.

What happened to your character there, in that world with a bright side as shiny as its underbelly is grim? The Silver Age isn't friendly to all character concepts, but Rick's not a murderer: the people are there, they may simply be very different. House of Lucas Wander (Wander-L) is a cheerful, boisterous acrobat with super-strength, while Geckoman-L was adopted by the Raven and became his successor. Tell their story in that other world, give us a day in their life: give us a 'crossover' with the universe of House of L.

The House of L threads can be found in Bayview for those interested in learning more about the style of the times, or you can just read pretty much any comics page on the Silver Age or Bronze Age. Perhaps even buy the relevant Green Ronin supplement!

Who: Any player who is interested, for one or both of their characters.

What: Write a one (1) page (single spaced) vignette featuring your character, reinterpreted through a lens of brightest Silver! (Or at least polished Bronze)

When: The deadline for submissions will be Wednesday, June 30th by 11:59 PM EST (GMT -5). The vignettes themselves can take place at any time: the House of L timeline goes back to the 1990s and continues through into the future.

Where: Anywhere. When you submit your vignette, please make a note clearly indicating in which forum it should be posted, as well as when it would be happening.

Why: To enhance our community, to flex your writing muscles, to think more deeply about your character, and to earn a bonus PP for your character for the month of June.

How: Once your story is finished and proofed, PM it to one of the Refs (angrydurf, AvengerAssembled, Ecalsneerg, Geez3r, Sandman XI, ShaenTheBrain, or myself). When all the stories are in, one of our staff members will post them to the appropriate forums (which is why we need you to be sure to tell us where it should go!), and provide links to them in this thread. DO NOT post them in a forum yourself, otherwise it will not be counted for this exercise.

Post here with questions.
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