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Interceptor's Equipment


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Hokay, so, the Interceptors have a pool of shared Equipment. And now Dynamo has joined their ranks. He's going to have to chip in for some of the Equipment cost. At the same time, the HQ is likely going to get some improvements due to the events of Interrupting Cow.

So, do we redistribute the point costs for everyone, or just have Dynamo effectively pay for the Improvements? And what exactly would the improvements be?

EDIT: So it's in one place, here is the Interceptor's current Equipment:

Interceptors HQ: [21EP]

Size: Large; Toughness: 10; Features: Combat Simulator, Communications, Computer, Concealed 2, Defense System, Fire Prevention, Garage, Gym, Living Space, Holding Cells, Infirmiry, Power 2, Power System, Security System 2, Workshop

Defense System 1: Snare 11

Power 1: Healing 10 (PFs: Persistent, Regrowth) [22pp]

Power 2: ESP 6 (Visual, 20 mile range [all of Freedom City]; Extra: No Conduit; Flaw: Medium – Surveillance equipment; PFs: Subtle, Rapid [x10]) [14PP] AND Quickness 12 (Flaws: Limited to Search) [4PP] AND Quickness 12 (Flaws: Limited to Notice) [4PP]

MAVERIC (Mobile Armored Vehicle for Emergency Response and Intercepting Criminals): [13EP]

Size: Huge [2EP]

Strength: 35 [1EP]

Speed: 5 [5EP]

Toughness: 10 [1EP]

Defense: 8 [0EP]

Features: 4 [4EP]

Features: Alarm, Caltrops, Remote Control, Smokescreen

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I'm toying with the idea of temporarily reallocating points away from the MAVERIC and using it towards more defense features. I think we can re-allocate eq points mid-thread if appropriate, right?

The Equipment rules do allow it, and Geckoman's swapped out the Pitchoo for a utility belt a few times, so I don't see why not.

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Looks like Avenger's itching to get Phase 2 started, so let's settle on what we're adding to the HQ, and what Colt & Jack of All Blade's new training has done.

One week = 7 days = 168 hours to create/install stuff.

If we're going by the Invention guidelines for how long it'd take to design/create the new stuff for the HQ, that's 42pp of stuff (since it takes 4 hours per pp)... and I'd go by the cost of any powers, not treating it as if it's a 1pp power b/c the Power feature is only 1 point (one equipment point at that).

Things Settled On So Far

Silver screens in vents

Motion Sensors/Air-Current Detectors

Motion Sensors/Pressure Plates

Better locks

Nullify Form-Altering Powers

Nullify Mind Control

Anything I miss?

Any more suggestions?

And since the points in the Power feature is dependent upon the PL of the HQ... what's the PL of the HQ? Average of the team's PL? Equal to the lowest member's PL? Equal to Doc's PL?

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Those look like good additions.

I've always assumed the PL of the base was equal to the lowest member just to be fair, but since we're so spread out and there's such a large number of us, I can't see why using the average wouldn't be more fair.

I see no reason why the HQ shouldn't have the PL of the highest character contributing points to it.

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