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Shakedown Flight (Open to whoever wants in)


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Hello, all.

On the suggestion of a few in the chat, I'm opening up a sort of introduction thread for my character, Slipstream. This is so I can get a feel for writing the character, but also for the character to get adjusted to the jetpack he stole from SHADOW and just more or less try to settle in. He'll be doing this by sticking to light duties initially, such as patrolling neighborhoods in and around AEGIS HQ.

Along the way, he's free to meet and chat with (or fight crime with) other PCs in the area. So if your hero's in the area, and you want to just at least pop up and say hi, by all means please come on in! I'll be posting the thread later today in the Downtown Freedom forum, City Center. Post here or PM if you're interested.

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