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Assistance with new character backstory please


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I need a little help with part of my new character's backstory and a couple other things. I'll just give what I'd like anyone to look over.

My character's race are green-skinned, with fangs, elven-long ears, slightly thinner and taller than an average human, and two 2-3 inch horns coming out of their heads. They live on the planet (need-good-name-here) in a solar system with 6 other inhabitable planets, five of which are populated by other members of it's race (though they don't know that).

The last of the planets is populated by the Grue, who one day attacked and enslaved the planet closest to them (which would be need-good-name-here). For a long time, the race was unable to resist and we're slaves to the Grue, learning their language while forfeited to use their own. One day however, a parasite appears on the planet and begins destroying the Grue from the inside (by forcibly increasing the host's mass until the body is crushed under it's own weight). Eventually the Grue left the planet, leaving the character's race behind believing that the parasite would destroy them too. However the parasite acted more like a symbiotic for the race. Rather than taking control of the person, it becomes dormant and allows the user to control the parasite's abilities, to a point. Over a long period of time, the planet healed from the damage the Grue did and they have their freedom that they once had.

A long time later, the Grue attacks again, this time striking all the planets and intent on destroying the race rather than enslaving them for their own uses. for (need-good-name-here), it appeared that the current holder of the parasite (my character) is the sole survivor of the attack. Somehow he get's to Earth and decides to become a superhero like some of the other super-powered people on Earth. though this time to protect the people there, unlike how he failed to save his own.

Alright, some questions, if anyone may like to answer:

1. I need a name for the planet (as you could see above)

2. I need a name for my character's race, and my character's actual name and superhero name.

3. I'm debating about the parasite's origins. Shaen gave me a couple ideas like it's an alien from another planet, part of need-good-name-here's ecosystem, or it being a Grue experiment Gone Completely Wrong/Right and going AMOK on it's creators (I like that last one).

Anything anyone would like to discuss?

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