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Through worlds beyond: Prologue

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Memorial Day

It was a quiet Memorial Day weekend around Freedom City, one quiet enough that many of Freedom City's superheroes (including its teenage contingent) went out of town to visit their families over the weekend, or go elsewhere with their families to enjoy the long weekend. Warren Wilder, Teenager and budding superhero was originally planning on such a thing for the long weekend, but a accident happened as his father's back problems too a turn for a worse when he tripped over and possible caused more damage to his spine. Warrens plans were thrown out of whack as his father was taken to hospital for observation.

Warren was told to keep an eye on his home while his mother kept watch over his father. He would have liked to stay with them, but the criminal element in southside stopped him. Last thing they needed was another break in. Especially now that money was so tight. So he sat there on the couch, contemplating what he should do with his free time other than watch re-runs of some old sitcoms or read some old issues of Freedom League Adventures he had hovering somewhere in his room. He sighed and picked up his guitar and started playing. His mind started to wonder...


What else they can I do beyond making myself what the loudest guitarist to exist on the planet? What else could sound achieve? I can fly by riding on sound waves, I can create blasts of sound that can confuse and knock out anyone that I come across, I could destroy anything through sonic vibrations...

"Vibrations..." He muttered under his breath as he finished his song. Ideas were starting to slip into his mind. He stood up and made his way into his room. He was not sure if this would work, but it would be interesting to see if it would.

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Warren sorted through the mess that was his room. Old amplifiers that inexplicably blew out through the years, odd scraps of electrical boards and other components and a somewhat outdated computer he got for his 15th birthday that in this day and age would count as a boat anchor. Still worked surprising fast despite its age. He remembered reading something once about Vibrations affecting the barriers between realities. He wasn't sure where he read it, but it would be interesting if he could (Somehow) pull off similar results. He brushed aside a few things and started cleaning up. He doubted he could pull off something like that, but some part of him wanted to know if it WAS possible. Unlikely, but it would pass the time I suppose. He though with a shrug as he picked up a jumbled mess of cords, microphones and the few working mini-Amplifiers and started plugging them into his computer before switching the thing on. He brought some of his superhero gear with him. If he did manage to succeed, he did not want anything slipping through that would try to take over the world.

As he worked, a certain distress call went out to those of Young Freedom. Warren never got the call, nor would he know about what was to come...

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A few more minutes of work, positioning Amps and Warren was sure he had everything right. There was something bugging him about this whole thing. Not with this experiment, but the idea of it. He was sure he got it from somewhere, but for the life of him he couldn't work out where. He shook his head as he swapped his faded Iron Maiden shirt of a plain black one and donned his duster and domino mask. He connected his guitar up to his computer and opened a old sound recording program his friends used to mess around with before his last band broke up.

"OK, just click this...And there." He muttered before turning to the empty wall of his room and focused. He started playing a few experimental strums of his guitar and tried to force all the resulting sound into just one spot. The air distorted as concentrated sound waves focused into one spot, the sound feeding into the microphones and coming out the speakers. The sound kept looping and growing with each second. It started to get to Rift, his focus wavering...

One second later Rift was blown across the room, his back slamming against the door while paper, stray wire and a few old comic books were sent into the air.

"OK...That hurt." He grumbled through clenched teeth, a old issue of Freedom City Adventures landing on his face.

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Rift gritted his teeth as he sat up, the comic book falling from his face and landing in his lap. The amps continued to blare out the building tone, but one of them had blown out from the sonic blast. He forced the sound away from him and tried his best to contain it. It really hurt his ears.

He gazed down at the book, puzzled at the nagging sense of familiarity the rather old issue was giving him. He picked it up and took a closer look at one of the pages. It had Daedalus in front of a large dimensional gateway device with a speech bubble containing the usual techno babble Castle Comics used when they had to try and explain the science behind anything the Greek-inspired hero did. 'I can do it!" The Genius inventor proclaimed in the box, standing proudly in his powered armor. "I can open the portal to the other side to bring Lady Liberty back! All I must do is manipulate the trans-dimensional Vibrations-"

Rift stopped reading the panel after than line. He slowly looked back up at the speakers and the makeshift setup...And threw the book against the wall in frustration. "Damn! I actually thought I was onto something here!" He yelled as he rubbed the bridge of his nose, feeling incredibly foolish at what he even attempted.

Meanwhile, tragedy struck Young Freedom as Mark was struck down. And a grieving fathers powers awakened, threating reality itself...

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