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Anyone Want To Be On Icewind Dale II?


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I recently got Icewind Dale II installed again and all my data was deleted. I haven't even finished the game yet. So I was wondering if any of you would be willing to be a PC for my new game. I believe the game uses 3e for it's system (correct me if I'm wrong). Since character creation is a long and complex process, perhaps you could start out with just giving your Race, Class(es) and Alignment? There can only be 5 others (I will be one) so don't go all out in character creation yet.

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I think to best get appropriate abilities without multi-classing arcane caster and warrior (and thus sucking) I think a Human Cleric of Mask would work best for Sarah.

Specifically built as a melee character using buff spells, plus as a hat tip if you don't remember, Animate Dead and Shades, which are the best summon spells in that game.

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Huh. Multiclassed fighter/arcane casters have always been my favorite D&D archetype, from 1st edition to the present day. Different strokes for different folks, I suppose.

If you wanna go ahead and toss in a Chaotic Good Human Wizard/Fighter/Eldritch Knight in my honor, feel free.

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