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Insomniac Activity [OOC]


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Alright, mechanically things have just gone as follows.

Fiat to hit and have Aiko fail her toughness by a set amount: She's now Injured and stunned (on the up side she got a HP for it) She then falls through a riot of moving obstacles, not able to make the reflex save due to being unconscious it's straight to the damage save: Toughness Save vs Training Room gone riot DC 23 (1d20+7=20, 1d20+7=26). So she takes another level of Injured. Fortunately the floor is made to absorb anything like her body hitting it, so no save needed there.

Rycon gets a HP for the complication inherent in all this (probably won't need it in the long run, but still she deserves it).

Let's see a DC 25 Acrobatics check to get to the shut down switch in one round, or a DC 20 if you take it slow and stretch it over two (or more) rounds, if you fail this check you don't make any significant progress. Also, a DC 15 (easy) Reflex Save to avoid getting smacked by a DC 20 damage effect each round you keep it up.

Aiko: Injured x 2, Stunned, 2HP

Rycon: Healthy, 4HP

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