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A Day at the Museum (needs players)


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Hokay, so....

I'm looking for anyone and everyone who'd like to join in for a bit of light-hearted save-the-day action. The basic premise here is that a group of Claremont students show up for a tour of the Hunter Museum of Natural History as part of a school field trip. Of course, the curator, Mr. Elphinstone will be leading the tour personally.

In Freedom City, though, things like this *never* go smoothly, and there will be action and shenanigans before the day is done.

Claremont students are obvious choices for this story, but other heroes can certainly drop in. I'm also not sure what other adults/teachers/chaperons might be there. The current plan is that I'll be both GM'ing and running The Curator, but if someone else would like to step in to GM, that'd be awesome too.

Initial IC/OOC threads will likely go up later today. Please don't let this turn into a solo thread!

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I'd be willing to put up Breakdown for this, though I think he might out-PL the lot of the other involved characters. Just give me a heads up as to whether or not you want him involved and I'll see what I can do. And if you want to decline, don't worry, I won't be offended in the least ;) I have plenty of other things to do. :)

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