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The Curator (PL6) needs an adventure!


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Hi all.

So, just got my first hero approved, The Curator. He's PL 6, and you can check out his character sheet.

The short version is, he's the nerdy curator of the Hunter Museum, and he runs around being heroic with a collection of magic items from the museum, including a sword, shield, and a pair of winged sandals.

Anywho, let me know if you've got a thread going or are starting a thread and think The Curator would fit in. I can't wait to get into the action!


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I've already run an adventure for KC in the past involving the Collector, an Ad Hoc NPC with museum related abilities. I established him as a possible arch for KC, though he could make a comeback in a second thread serving the purpose of getting the curator involved, I suppose.

I graduate tomorrow, next week, I'll be happy to explore possibilities for this in chat further :)

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