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Fisticuffs 2: Rycon vs Geckoman (OOC)


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Ok, you hit by enough to do +4 DC, but only get +2 (you need Autofire 3 to get more than 1/2 the base attack's DC in bonus damage). So DC 21, Geckoman gets DC 21 Toughness (1d20+7=10) enough to stagger him. So I spend a HP (reducing me to 1), to re-roll! Re-roll (1d20+7=21) Not a scratch.

I'll then use a full-round action to charge Rycon, striking unarmed: Facepunch! DC 19 Toughness (1d20+12=24)

Incidentally, note DC and so forth in the rolls from now on. ;)

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Dammit, forgot to remind you. While Stunned, you need to make a Concentration check (DC 14) or your Invisibility drops. Although, due to Accurate Scent, that doesn't matter.

Anyway, since I'm the grappler, I can just let go. Cue:

Fatigue kicking in, dropping my Attack and defence by -1, and Str and Dex by -2

Feint as move action, using Skill Mastery for 27, which you can't beat.

Attack unarmed with offensive stance, for DC 20 since I can Sneak Attack: Remember, you're at -1 to save thanks to the bruise. DC 20 Sneak Attack (1d20+11=12) Dammit! Spend my last HP for - Re-roll, re-roll, re-roooooll! (1d20+11=28)

Altogether, Geckoman is bruised, fatigued, and suffers -4 defence until his next turn. And is on 0 HP.

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