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Fisticuffs 2: Avenger vs Lukos (OOC)


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For my part, I can throw up one last post today.

Lukos will try to dash out of the shadows. Axe Avenger a question, and then use Move By Action to duck back into the shadows. If this triggers your readied action, let me know.

Surprise Attack vs. Avenger; AoA 5, PA 5; DC 30 on hit. (1d20+11=26)

That's pretty likely to hit a flat footed character, even a PL14 one.

DC 22 stealth again, though I believe it may or may not be docked a point for being used a second time this encounter. DC 21 then?

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Spotting him after the attack is fair enough. But he still gets hit by the attack, if I am not mistaken. You missed the first notice, am I right? Therefore you still owe the toughness save from getting hit?

Addendum: Reaction...insubstantial...right...@#$%

Afterwards, yes, he is seen though it wouldn't prevent him from trying to hide.

Free action after the attack... Lukos will face Avenger Man to Man. He will throw down the axe and adopt his Hybrid form as a free action. As long as both of those are allowable. I'll make an IC post. If this is not the case, I can always edit :)

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I should have waited on making that post since last night. It makes a little more sense now ;)

I'll get my next action up soon, I just wanted to get all that horrible gibberish out. Ignoring all of those blatant errors which are now gone, I'll assume you're going to stick with that action (why give up the natural 20?)

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So yea, impossible check there.

That leaves me flat footed versus your next attack, correct? I don't think the book states this, but does that attack have to come before the end of the next round or something? like if I manage to hide again for the next round, would I still be flat footed when I pop back out?

Just trying to determine my next course of action here.

EDIT: Also I'd like to point out that I popped the alt form, but no rage yet.

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It says the next attack you make against that target is a surprise attack (on page 42, which has the Feint rules, which is what Startle is for Intimidate). So I'd say it would be in place whenever the next attack comes.

And I can edit the description of Lukos if you don't like it, but this did seem like the sort of thing that would make him at least a little mad, if not actually use the Rage feat. ;)

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Here's the thing. Whenever I get into fights of any kind, I tend to work myself into a rage whenever I launch an attack (It's how I played football). It was my own doing, possibly triggered by my opponent, but I really always waited to use that extra bit of effort until I was making an attack.

In case you haven't heard me say this before, Lukos serves as very much an extension of my own anger, incarnate. I would like to think of this the same way. It will in fact trigger the rage, but not until he goes to make his next strike, I should think.

You okay with that?

Edit: Readied Action! (Standard)

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Your feat, your choice when to use it! Avenger does tend to bring that out even in people who like him...


OK, here's what Avenger's going to do:

Avenger spends an HP to double his dodge bonus for a round, raising the DC to hit him to 31. (24+7=31)

He then drop his Insubstantial and Power Attacks Lukos.

Not a great roll-that said, 22 still hits Lukos's flat-footed Defense.

DC 30 Tou save.

He'll spend an HP to surge without fatigue and Power Attack again.

Oof, critical hit!

DC 33 Tou save, thanks to the crit.

He'll then use his move action to go Insubstantial again.

Is your readied action going to interfere with that? (i.e.; did you jump out of the way, make a successful counter-attack?) Either way, lemme know and I'll post IC.

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Lukos was going to claw the hell out of you for your trouble. So I get one attack before your first attack goes off, correct?

Attack Vs Avenger; AoA 5/ PA 5 as a readied action. (1d20+11=25)

Then I'll make my toughness saves.

First DC 30: Toughness DC 30 (1d20+12=16) Yuck. That's even worse than your attack roll :P I think I'll burn an HP. HP Reroll toughness DC 30 (1d20+12=29) Bruised.

I think your post had a typo. If that last one's a crit, then it should be DC 35 not 33. I'll roll against that. Toughness DC 35 (1d20+11=26) Fail by 9. Bruised and Stunned. *wipes brow*

I'm okay with those results. Still waiting for an IC from you.

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Lukos will spend a second hero point clearing the stun.

You asked for it. Rage!

Move action to move.

Standard Action attack the bleachers.

Surge to ready a standard action. (If possible) I'll clear the fatigue later. Cross that bridge when we get there so to speak.

EDIT: I believe this deserves reiterating so you don't get the wrong idea from my posts. Lukos was sent here under orders to battle Avenger. Do as much damage as possible. Kill him if he can. Because as he was told, Vampires are horrible people and are doing terrible things to the city. His Alpha wouldn't lie to him, right?

Lukos' methods have gotten drastic. He was a little unprepared for the sheer power that Avenger is displaying. Though that same power is doing nothing to assuage his fears about the city's vampires. That said, I still fully intend to lose, and be shown the error of my ways. It's crucial to the story I have in mind ;)

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