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Ain't Noise Pollution (IC)

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If there was one thing that Eddie had no lack of, it was audio equipment.

Recently he had moved some of his DJ equipment to School. It had been the last month of classes and his work had been dwindling, so he'd needed something to occupy his time.

He just had to hope that none of his neighbors minded him blasting his music quite loudly.


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Warren sighed as he picked up his guitar. It was about time he did some guitar practice, he wanted to make sure his skills were still sharp after all. He was just about to turn down the volume on his guitar until someone next door started Blasting whatever they were playing at full blast.

...Two can play at that game. He thought as he turned the Volume up on his guitar, focused his powers and aplified the sound until he was sure he had just eclipsed the sound from next door.


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Eddie had to nod his begrudging respect for whoever was now living next door to himself and Chris. He even went as far as pausing his own musical selection to give that of his neighbor a listen.

As the Metal poured through the paper thin walls of his dorm, Eddie was forced to admit he liked what he was hearing. Still, it was his turn to answer back, as these things went.

He needed something traditional, he needed something that would would impress his new neighbor.

Eddie cut the power to his speakers and put on his headphones. As the other song faded away, he dialed in one of his own and used his powers of projection to send the sound waves everywhere. Through the use of his body's surface area, he was able to create vibrations more powerful than any speaker he knew of.

The battle had begun. Now it truly was a throw down.


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Warren let off a low whistle. He have to admit it, his neighbor did have some nice taste in music. He paused for a moment while he heard the tunes flow through his room. He nodded quietly as he made a few quick adjustments to the the strings tune.

Just as the song was about to end, he started playing again and once more raw Heavy metal started pounding through the walls as Warrens fingers danced along the fret board. He needed to focus, on both his playing and making sure the sound was directed to next door. I wonder what he will make of this...


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Oh this was good. Eddie hadn't had this kind of competition in a while. He hadn't heard this type of musical taste since he'd first met Zoe. It was par for the course by now with her, but she was usually the only one playing Megadeath.

Eddie finished listening to his opponent's music before dialing in a tune of his own. This was one of the best guitar solo's ever in his opinion.


Eddie briefly wondered how his mysterious opponent would respond to this thrashing.

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Warren chuckled quietly. So now you want a challenge? You got it. He said with a grin as he changed the tune of his guitar once again. He cracked his knuckles, pulled out a spare guitar pick from his bag and took a deep breath. He did not want to snap another set of strings playing this.

He wondered briefly what was going to be pulled out next, but that was pushed out of his mind as he started playing once more.


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Dragonforce? Really? Well, at least it's not 'Through the Fire and the Flames', Eddie thought. He had little respect for a band that could barely play their music live.

On the other hand, one band that was said to be better live than in studio did come to mind. They even had a good song for use in a competition with someone else. This was too good to be true. Eddie had to play it.


It may not have been the most guitar intensive song. It in fact exemplified Bass more than Guitar. Eddie was still interested in seeing what reaction his opponent would have against that.

I swear to god, if he plays 'Eye of the Tiger'...

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Warren quirked an eyebrow as he tossed his completely eaten up guitar pick at the opposite wall. Muse? You went from Halen to them? He shook his head. He was never a big fan of that band. Even less when coming off a song that good.

"Well then, looks like I'm gonna have to fix that."


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Well, I see we are slightly close-minded, Eddie thought as he realized his opponent had played nothing but what was arguably metal for the past half an hour or so.

There was nothing wrong with that. Metal was great, You need to expand your interests some, but if you really want some metal that will kick your ass to one side of the school yard and back, I've got what you need right here. Eddie hit another few buttons on his iPod as the Mastodon finished up and smiled in satisfaction.


Now let's see who is panicking?

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Warren leaned back and listened. "...Oh damn." He muttered. His fingers were starting to cram up slightly from constant playing and not having so much as a minute to take a break. And now, whoever was playing music next door had moved all the way back up to Dream Theater. He banged his fist against the wall and amplified his voice loud enough to be hear..

"OK man, you win. Admitting defeat here."

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Eddie rushed to the door when he heard that. He took his headphones and his music with him.

Eddie quickly tore open his new neighbor's door, and confronted his opponent. Not even stopping to be surprised by what he saw. "Really?" Eddie asked, "You're not even going to bother to slow it down?" With that, Eddie adjusted the controls on his iPod with his head, instantly selecting the perfect song to get his point across.


"Or hell, go for the silly factor?"


"Before you seal the deal? Or are you just really sure you don't want to mess with me?" As he queued up his last song, Eddie had a huge smile on his face.


He was having fun, and that was plain to see. He had enjoyed himself in this competition more than any other in the past year or so. Only then did Eddie start to look around the room he had just burst into.

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Warren was just left blinking at the sight of his neighbor rushing in and playing a host of songs at random. All he could do was stare and just wonder: Didn't I lock the door? Oh right, I didn't. Gotta remember to do that....

He raised his hand slowly and wiggled his fingers. "Starting to get a cramp in my fingers. Makes it harder to play." Warren said with a shrug. "Didn't have the chance to warm up before you started..."

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"Heh, yea that can help." Eddie smiled, leaning against the door frame, not wanting to intrude anymore unless he was actually invited. "Name's Eddie," He gave a mock salute to the guitarist. "If you had to pick someone to have a rock off with, I would be the guy. I probably know more about music than anyone else at this school. And..." He projected a few more notes of Welcome to the Jungle's Guitar solo, "I'm my own speaker system too."

"I gotta respect you though. That was some pretty heavy shredding. Especially if you weren't warmed up."

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"Warren. Eddie...Yeah, I keep hearing a lot about you." Warren said, flexing his fingers. "Your name kept popping up whenever anyone asked if I played. Oh, Come in." He added, waving Eddie over. He was surprised that Eddie was what ammonted to a walking, talking sound system. Thought the man that could theoretically destroy a building with a kazoo...

"Thanks man. Been practicing for years. Nice song collection by the way."

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"You don't know the half of it." Eddie said as he sauntered in to his new neighbor's room. Eddie waved an iPod in the air. "This 120 gig is chock full." And that's just one of them. "You should see the hard drive in my computer at home. Pretty much all of my disposable income is spent on acquiring new music." Eddie smiled, clearly proud of his life's work.

Eddie leaned up against one of the desks in the room, preferring to stand. "So what about you? When did you get here and stuff?" Eddie waved his hand in a circular motion, implying that he wanted the full description.

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Warren scratched the back of his head, thinking. "Only got here a few days ago man. Been busy with some of the classes here along with some electrical and sound work over by Midnight Hour...First time since I've gotten here that I can sit down and practice." He said with a brief gesture to his guitar. If Eddie looked at it long enough, he would notice that some of the pick ups look a little odd. Not just for aesthetics, just something else.

"Anyway, enough boring you with my life. What do you do man?"

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"I DJ here and there, actually. I have a great act, what with not needing speakers, and all. You know, "Have turntable, will travel." I do parties too." Eddie said with a smile, "Midnight hour, huh? That's cool. I work at one of the other clubs in the city. The Millennium. Have you hear- Hey now... What's with those pickups on that guitar?" Eddie raised an eyebrow and took a few steps closer. He stooped to get a closer look at the instrument.

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As Eddie looked closer at Warrens guitar he notices that the pickups, along with the built-in speaker and few other parts of his guitar, look a lot more advanced in the tech department than Eddie has ever seen. Not that he would know much about whatever the teen had shoved into his guitar.

"Oh, that. I pretty much installed some frequency harmonization hardware into it to help with my powers." He said like it was nothing. "I can do a few things with sound. Would have used a different housing for the stuff, just didn't have anything else on hand to install it...You said you worked at the other clubs? Same here, until they started worrying about the legal age stuff they usually worry about."

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"Oh that's nothing big," Eddie waved his hand nonchalantly. "They hit me with that too. I just got myself a fake ID to make them happy. I'm sure some of them know it's fake, but with the type of act I'm putting forward, they're pretty inclined to ignore that fact."

Eddie stuck his face closer to the guitar. "This is some pretty neat stuff. I really only know the technology that relates closely with what I do. I wish I had more of a knack for this stuff," Eddie plucked one of the guitar strings to see it's effect. "How does it help with your powers?"

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"I need to get myself one by the looks of things. I mean, I'm pretty much pushed back to Just Midnight Hour and thats only twice a fortnight if I'm lucky." Warren said with a hint of disappointment.

"Well...By using my powers to enhance sound frequency, the hardware installed in my guitar is capable of creating sound vibrations that cause stress on any weak points in the integrity of any object, obvious or not to the point that matte pretty much separates at an atomic level...In other words, if I were to run into an army of robots, I can just play "Iron man" and that would be the end of that." He said with a shrug and a smirk as the note echoed through the room. "I might be off with the exact science behind it, but thats what I've concluded with the field testing."

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"Hey, man, that's pretty neat." Eddie gave the beautiful instrument a loving pat before standing up. "I do something like that when I get into fights too. Though with me, the exact effects of my powers depends on what music I'm listening to. But a lot of it stems from sound wave manipulation, I think." Eddie looked rather unsure. "I'm not really to sure about the science behind it. And it's almost never the same thing twice, so that doesn't really help."

Looking thoughtful for a moment Eddie continued, "You know, I could probably hook you up with a fake ID if you want. I know a guy. Just as long as you promise not to do anything stupid with it." Eddie smiled big, not doubting for a second his new friend would be responsible about it.

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"You might wanna get tested or something man. Knowing how the science works can help in the long run." Warren said with a crack of his knuckles. The stiffness was fading away.

He smiled when the subject of getting a fake ID came up. "Wow, thanks man. Don't normally get this sort of generosity from people I just met." The smile faded when another though came into his head. "I hope its not gonna cost me much. I don't have a lot of spare cash to throw around after all."

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"Well, I can't really help with that. But I can give you some phone numbers. I'd say it's worth it, though. Business is booming for me."

Eddie smiled at the compliment about his generosity. "Heh, thanks. I guess that's just they way I am. And I have tried to get tested. One of the in-school scientists gave me a once over. He couldn't turn up any conclusions, though. I keep meaning to ask Dr. Archeville himself, on Quark's recommendation, but, well, he's a busy man." Eddie shrugged somewhat helplessly.

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"Cool. Do need the money badly." Warren spoke as he started re-tuning his guitar. Thoughts about his parents losing their place was a prospect he didn't like to dwell on. Plus there was the problem of getting a spare guitar that wasn't loaded with tech. But that was another problem all together. With his hands no longer stiff, he started to play his guitar again, though he turned down the volume so he could keep talking.


"Well, I would imagine seeing Dr. Archeville would be hard to do. Busy guy with all the research he does from what I've heard." Warren said with a shrug. "But I'm sure you'll eventually get to see him at some point. I'm still trying to work out the exact mechanics behind my powers myself."

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"I see a red door and I want to paint it black." Eddie intoned. Following along with the song.

"Well, yea. That's what I had been thinking." Eddie shrugged as his new friend kept playing. He pulled an iPod out of his pocket, it suddenly clicked on without him pressing any buttons. Selecting "Paint It Black" he began to play it out loud. Then he began selectively dropping different parts of the song. First he dropped the lead guitar to allow his new friend to shine. Then he dropped the vocals and picked them up himself.

After the song had run it's course, Eddie smiled. "You really are good with that thing. Do you do anything else besides play clubs?"

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