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House of L (OOC)

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Round 1

Shadivan Steelgrave and 12 Omegadrones vs. Edge and the Lucas family

Omegadrones: 15

Steelgrave: 14

Mark's Folks: 12

Edge: 9 (w/9 HP; 7 regular and 2 from complications)

The Omegadrones use the aid action to assist Shadivan Steelgrave in attacking Edge. They succeed. Steelgrave recieves a +24 bonus on his next attack vs. Edge.

On his round, Steelgrave attacks Edge. (He can't miss). DC 30 Tou save for Edge. He then activates his chamelon field, becoming invisible to Edge's only accurate sense. Edge spends an HP on Ultimate Toughness for a total of 26 and is Injured. (He wasn't wearing his costume today.)

Mark's folks run for the house. They're safe from this one, for now.

On his turn, Edge uses his Blast power to drop a tactical nuke on his front lawn. DC 27 Tou save for all the bad guys. Three of the Omegadrones are destroyed outright. Seven are injured. One is injured, stunned, and staggered. One is unhurt. He spends an HP to power-stunt Accurate Hearing off his massive Probability array as part of a particularly accurate blast, something he can easily afford. Steelgrave passes his first save. Mark forces a reroll, leaving Steelgrave bruised.

Round 2

The surviving Omegadrones once again aid Shadivan's next attack on Mark. Once again they succeed, giving him a +18 bonus and again leaving him unable to miss Mark.

Steelgrave doesn't like where this is going, and certainly doesn't want to be beat up by another teenager. On his turn, he deploys an invention that he's taken 20 on: a Ranged Drain [all powers of the Luck descriptor] Gun with Rank 14. (It's a full-round action for him)

Mark spends 2 HP and passes.

On his turn, still using his accurate hearing power together with the blast, Edge alpha-strikes the area again. 4 Omegadrones are destroyed. Five are left standing. Shadivan Steelgrave rolls a 1 and is left bruisedx2, stunned, and staggered. Edge spends another HP to surge and hit them all again.

Steelgrave is unconscious. The last five Omegadrones all explode. (Mark spends all his HP to make sure that happens, the better to make a better world for his family.)

OK, a little more time for everyone to post, and then I'll post in the IC.

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People with any kind of Acute or Accurate regular sensory power:

Rick just went away. You can see him, you can hear him, but his scent (Geckoman), etc, has just _stopped_.


Something damn peculiar just happened to Rick Lucas. The nearest you can tell is that something of both magic and dimensions just broke inside him, and now he's radiating a very odd sort of energy. The overall effect (in mundane terms) is a bit like seeing a concrete wall breaking, and discovering from your suddenly clicking Geiger counter that it was the containment vessel to a nuclear reactor.

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I'm assuming it doesn't matter, but Trevor is tossing an auto 30 Intimidate at Rick, after moving between his and as much of the crowd as possible and getting his mist on as a free action. That's 50' across of visual concealment in a crowded room! ...maybe not his best plan ever.

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