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Building my first Freedom City hero


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EDIT: Re-done to my new Curator concept.

Hey guys, I could sure use some help fleshing out my first character and tweaking his stats to be up to par.

The Curator actually is the curator of a prominent museum. On the job, he discovered various items in the museum's collection were actually powerful relics, and decided to keep them out of the wrong hands by using them himself. (need to flesh out the details of his backstory, a lot).

As far as powers and combat, his primary, dependable shtick is a shield-and-sword combination that he uses while flying around on his winged sandals (insert fencing team at Harvard or Yale or whatever into background here). Additionally, he's got some protection in terms of an Amulet and a magically reinforced business suit. And then, of course, he's got the Gadgets power to represent his grab-bag of other magical do-dads.

I stated out the Shield, Sword, Suit, and Sandals as straight powers, not devices, because I'd like him to be able to have those around all the time, maybe summoning them at will or wearing them concealed or 'subtle' somehow. The suit, in particular, I imagine him having multiple of, stashed away at home. Other things, like the gadgets power, are normal devices. I included a 1-point powerloss drawback to represent the non-device items being taken away from him (e.g. the sword is taken outside his summoning range, or magically warded), not sure if that's valid or how big it should be.

Totally not sure if I've forgotten something or if there's any particular weakness that I could spend my remaining points to easily cover.

Thanks in advance!

p.s. Sorry about weak formatting.

The Curator

12 (stats) + 20 (attack/defense) + 66 (powers) + 11 (feats) + 6 (saves) + 19 (skills) - 1 (drawbacks) = 133 pts

Stats: (12pts)

str 10 0pts

dex 10 0pts

con 20 0pts (10 from Amulet)

int 20 10pts

wis 14 4pts

cha 8 -2pts

Tradeoffs: +2 attack for -2 damage, +2 defense for -2 toughness

Attack/Defense: (20pts)

Attack: +6 base (10pts) +2 AF(melee)

Defense: +6 base (10pts)

Saves: (6pts)

total = Stat + pts

Tough: 8(1) = 5 + 3(suit)

Fort: 5 = 5 + 0

Ref: 3/7 = 0 + 3 (+4 against Area Effects)

Will: 5 = 2 + 3

Feats: (11pts)

Accurate Attack

All-Out Attack

Attack Focus(Melee) x2

Benefit 1: Well-off

Connected (to who? Art dealers? Purveyors of magic items?)


Defensive Attack


Power Attack

Skill Mastery (Arcane Lore, Art, History, Theology/Philosophy)

Skills: ( 76 ranks, 19 pts)

Computers, 1

Concentration, 5

Investigate, 5


-Arcane Lore, 15

-Art, 10

-Earth Science, 5

-History, 10

-Life Science, 1

-Physical Science, 1

-Theology/Philosophy, 5

Notice, 5

Profession, Museum Curator, 8

Search, 5


Accounted for by wealth:




-Archeologist's tools

-Sensible car

Headquarters: The Museum (do I need to spend points on this?)

-Size +2 (large)



-Fire Prevention


Powers: (66 total pts) 16 + 10 + 6 + 16 + 10 + 3 + 1 + 4

Comprehend Languages 2 (speak one at a time, understand all), 4pts

-Sword of Mercy (Descriptors: Holy Artifact): Strike 8 (Extras: Penetration 5, Feats: Accurate x2, Imp. Crit. x 2, Drawback: Non-lethal only) 16pts

-The Shield of Heracles (Descriptor: Divinely Crafted): (container, rank 2) 10pts

-Shield 6 (+defense) 6pts

-Power Feat: Evasion

-Power Feat: Stunning Attack (represents Shield Bash)

-Enhanced Reflex Save 4 (Limited: Area Effects), 2pts

-Winged Sandals (Descriptor: Roman Magic): Flight 2 (Extras: Duration(Continuous)) 6pts

-Magic Trinket Collection: Gadget, Hard to Lose (Extra: Action(move)) 2 ranks, 16pts

-Amulet of Protection: Enhanced Trait: Con 10, 10pts

-Magically Reinforced Suit: Protection 3 (Extras: Impervious 1), 3pts

Morph 1: Hero costume (Needs details!)

Drawback: Powerloss, -1pt (certain non-device items can be lost under certain circumstances)

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