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Fast Heroes and Loose Women (OOC)


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Dynamo believes that they are the heroes. He may be flat footed against an attack if its considered a feint. However, for purposes of ranged attacks, Dynamo and Marionette may be considered in melee combat, if not in a grapple. On the other hand, Dynamo has Uncanny Dodge and Danger Sense.

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Dynamo is going to go ahead and take a 20 on a Search check on the museum as a free action. He'll notice that there is actually no monster in the basement and there is an unidentified 3rd party stealing pretty much everything in sight.

He may have no idea what in the world is going on, but he can recognize a crime in progress.

Free Action, set array to Paralyze Effect.

Move Action, get up to Red Queen, because I didn't technically move with the Search check somehow.

Standard Action, slap Red Queen with the paralyze effect, possibly being a sneak attack. *Crosses fingers and prays to the IC gods* Attack roll vs Red Queen with Paralyze effect DC 23 Fort save. Possibly a sneak attack. (1d20+11=17)

Use Move By Action to circle the general area around the museum a few dozen times.

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It would only count for figuring out if Red Queen in flat footed or not. But Dynamo's attack hit either way. Also, while we're on the issue of surprise attacks, Dynamo will be considered flat footed against these incoming attacks.

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