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The One Where They Fight The Nazis (IC)

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The police airship hovered high over suburban Kingston, the Klansman and Valkyrie at the controls while the White Knight took control of the radio. The police crew on board had been so easily subdued he'd hardly felt their bullets, and breaking the jaw of that colored boy with the badge had been the most satisfying thing he'd done all day. Though with any luck, it was about to get even better. The radio call went out over every police-band radio in Freedom City:

"Listen up! This is White Knight and the Redeemers aboard Aryan-One! This is a message for Fulcrum and her crew of genetic freaks! I owe you something, you filthy slut, and I'm going to give it to you! Right now! If you're not on this airship in five minutes, I'm going to start throwing cops overboard! And if I see the League, or the Midnighter, or the Interceptors, or any other team coming this way, I'm going to send them down in pieces first! Five minutes!"

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"...and downtown sees a lot action too," noted Fulcrum as Sage and she sat down on the Super Museum roof. A cool breeze drifted up from the Park. All together the day was beautiful.

The two were a true odd couple: the lithe gymnast and the power lifter. In any case fate had conspired to bring them together, and now Fulcrum was giving Sage a tour of the city. So far the tour had been uneventful. Starting in the Southside, the two had worked their way counter-clockwise and looked up anything of interest to Sage. The conversation felt a bit one sided at first, but they had slowly worked out their communication problems. Now Mona, frankly, was ready to sweep through the main peninsula and into a cup of java in Riverside.

"One thing is for sure, you'll rarely be bored. Especially if you pick up a radio or police scanner." Speaking of which, Fulcrum pulled out the miniaturized device. The little bugger usually buzzed a lot from the heavy traffic, but tonight a special broadcast took precedence. She stood there ramrod still as the despicable villain made his demands. A sigh and scowl followed.

"That scumbag wants a rematch? What the hell is he thinking pulling a stunt like that?" Looking up to Sage grimly, Fulcrum nodded, "I'm going. I can drop you at street level if you want. This guy is serious trouble, so I can't blame you for not wanting to get involved." Although honestly, given her tone, she'd take all the help she could get.

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Sage rolled easily to her feet, eyes narrowed [irritation/Anger], shaking her head at Fulcrum. --No, I am going with you-- she thought to the Amazon, --At the very least I can make sure the hostages he took are OK while you beat the tar out of that bastard.-- Shrugging a shoulder, she added, --Besides, he brought "friends".--

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Warren sighed as he left his parents apartment. They were still worried about him living over at Claremont than at home where they could keep an eye on him. At least with this visit out of the way, they would at least stop with the demands that they call every second day. He streched a bit before making his way down the street, guitar case in hand.

He was about to sit down b the bus stop when he heard something comming from a parked police car. He paused and focused at it. ...Oh damn. warren though as he heard someone else on the police band mentioning the location of the incident before the officers inside put the car in gear and sped off. He looked around for a moment, making sure no one saw him before making his way across the street and ducking into an ally. He opened his guitar case and removed the bottom of the case, revealing his outfit. They might need help taking them down before they start making good on those threats.

A few minutes later, Rift shot out from the buildings, guitar strapped to his back as he headed over to Kingston. He would have to come back for the case later.

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Kid Cthulhu is sitting with Rycon on a roof about a mile or so away from where the White Knight was making his threats. KC was sweating from the collar of his black AC/DC T-shirt. He was going to do it.

Going to ask her out. He had fought on a mission with her. Why not? It wasn't that difficult. Just have to ask her.

"So...uhh....Ashley. You...uh...want to see a movie with me this Saturday?"

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Rycon was on the roof, almost forgetting Kid Cthulhu was sitting beside her. They have been good friends for awhile now, unsuprising, considering he was the first superhero Rycon met. Lately though he's been around her more than usual...

"Uhh....Ashley. Uh...want to... this Saturday?"

The line didn't quite get to her. She was focused hard on this book she had to read for school. It was a fascinating read, yet terrifying all the same. The main character suffered a born tragedy much like Ashley, found a cure... and then suffered shocking consequences, that would turn him back into what he was before. It was made so realistic, Rycon couldn't do anything but wonder if she would suffer the same fate. She thought, "It's all fantasy, it's all make believe, IT'S. NOT. REAL! She heard KC spoke as she broke down on the inside, but it didn't reach her clearly.

"If you're not on this airship in five minutes, I'm going to start throwing cops overboard!"

Hearing that from the parked police car just below them got her away from the book, "Airship? Cops?! Danielle?!?! She was clearly overreacting, possibly due to the influence of the book. She walks near the edge and turns to KC. "Come on, let's hurry! Bring me down! She was implying that KC would carry her down to ground level.

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KC sighed. "You got it, Rycon." Unfortunately, his perfect chance was totally blown.

"CTHULHU FHTAGN!" the teen shouted.

A quick flash of mystic fire and a few noises from beyond, and Blake was Kid Cthulhu once more. He stretched his back, and his leathery wings extended to either side of him. He grabbed Rycon's waist, and took off, his wings flapping like some kind of unholy bird of prey.

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Fulcrum nodded solemnly and squeezed Sage's shoulder. "Thank you. That means a lot, on so many levels."

Looking around the area, she spotted what she thought was the airship in question. Not that it was hard to miss being a blimp-like vehicle. The chatter on the police bands only confirmed her suspicions. An approach from above the behemoth would be the safest for a surprise attack. If that is what she had in mind.

She popped her knuckles in anticipation and turned to Sage with a vicious grin, "Time to kick some Nazi ass. Want to take the direct approach, stealth insertion for yourself or both of us, or maybe try to disable the ship? I'm all for calling their bluff. Although I've never heard of The Redeemers."

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Rycon was looking around town, enjoying the view while looking for potential assistance at the same time. Then she remembers that she and KC don't have a reliable plan of entering yet. "Look for an entrance that's unguarded. I'll come in through stealth and figure out what to do there." She was making this up as she goes.

Suddenly she looks down to see two female costumed superheroes, one looked Much taller than the other. "That tall one... Do I know her?" she thought as her mind tried to see if she could identify the tall woman.Then she realized, "KC! That's Fulcrum. Change plans, we'll meet her before we attack head on."

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Sage quirked an eyebrow at Fulcrum at the mention of a stealth insertion [Amusement/Eagerness] a small smile gracing her features. Glancing off in the direction of the airship she nodded. --A stealthy approach would be suitable for me.-- Sage glanced at the woman towering over her, and her faint smile grew wider --You on the other hand, stand out.--

--How about we play to our strengths?--

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KC flew towards the scene, and saw the huge blimp-like airship. "Who is this joker anyway?"

As he flew closer, he saw Fulcrum. Still as Amazonian as ever. He also saw another girl, with white hair. Cute. "Hey, Fulcrum! Long time no see! Who is this maniac? I'm totally up for some bad guy thrashing..."

He saw another figure, a flying boy with a guitar. KC shrugged a little. Not the weirdest thing he'd seen but hopefully he could help.

"Hey! Guitar Hero! Give us a hand, would you?"

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Rift continued to speed forward, sighting the blimp in the distance. He was going to keep going, but then he saw what looked like a green dragon with a squid for a head holding a guy by the waist. ...OK, not the weirdest thing I've seen in this city. Close though. He slowed down, floating mid-air a foot or two away from him. "Well, I didn't come for the view." He said with a shrug. Didn't seem like he was going to rip Rifts head off, so he seemed OK. For now anyway.

"OK. I'm guess you guys have a plan for this?" He asked, jerking a thumb towards the aircraft.

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Aboard the airship, White Knight peered out the window and shook his head. "Stupid mongrel trash. Throw the colored one over!" He paused, glared at his putative allies, and realized that neither Klansman nor Valkyrie were about to do what he said. With a muttered curse, and despite the hostages cries' for mercy, White Knight grabbed the black police officer he'd beaten into unconsciousness earlier and strode through the small hatch to the airship corridor. He threw open the airlock, wind whipping at his hair, and brandished the hostage by the ankle, sneering at the heroes flying by outside. "Hope you can catch him!" And with that, he hurled the man out into the wide and wild blue. Trusting that the hero would waste her time trying to catch the falling cop, he flew out and straight at her!

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Fulcrum nodded to Sage and turned to the gathering heroes. She spoke with clipped efficiency, "Hi, KC. Good to see you. I'm Fulcrum and this is Sage. White Knight wants me so I'll distract him. Everyone else deal with the hostages on board than take the fight to them."

The sound of White Knight's voice cut off her next sentence. Snapping her head to look at him, she scowled and yelled to the others, "I'd got the cop! Go!"

With that Sage experienced incredible acceleration. Fulcrum dove fast and hard, the buildings blurring as she came up under the policeman. She didn't want to deal with him, but frankly the flying abilities of the other heroes were unknown to her. No way he was going to suffer. The catch was simple enough even one-handed. With the officer safely under arm, she pulled up from the dive and circled around above the airship. Still hovering the two were dropped off onto the roof.

White Knight was coming. Placing herself between him and the two, she beckoned him forward with a balled fist.

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Sage hit the airship cabin roof lightly and darted off to the edge. Vaulting over the edge of the ariship Sage twists through the air, grabs hold of the top of the doorframe and whips her body through the opening. Hitting the ground at a tumble Sage springs quickly to her feet, her eyes picking out a white robe man lurking in the shadows, who seems to have noted her own arrival.

--Hope you don't mind my dropping in,-- she thought at Klansman, while touching that primal place in his mind, summoning forth fear.

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The white-robed avenger of whiteness took a step back, but mastered his fear of the girl who'd swung in through the window. "Cowardly superstitious mutie freak! I'll show _you_ fear!" And with that he reached into his Confederate-starred utility harness and pulled out a Klan-a-rang, hurling with deadly accuracy at the mute gymnast, the whirling white star slashing across her face.

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The very moment the chaos started, Rift quickly surrounded himself with a layer of sound and quickly figured out what he was going to do. He quickly flew around the ship and followed the girl inside, though he didn't reach her in time when she was hit. He unslung his guitar, quickly strumming a few strings his guitar and sending a powerful wave of sound rushing towards Klansman.

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KC nodded. A stealth entrance would be a good idea. "Heh...stealth entrance..." KC thought to himself. No time to be distracted. KC swooped towards the window, like a very odd species of bird. "Shield your eyes!" KC said as he crashed into the window. As the window shattered inwards, KC let go of Rycon and they both more or less fell on the floor of the ship. "Well, at least we've still got our health."

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Klansman just managed to dodge as the powerful wave of music went rushing past him, blasting a hole in the wall of the airship behind him and opening even more to the sky. "You damn rocker!" yelled Klansman, the wind coming from two directions whipping at his white cape, stained now with the blood of the cops he'd beaten up. "Your race music has rotted your brain! If you blow up the cab, we all fall down!"

Over on the other side of the airship, the blast was easily loud enough to catch the attention of Rycon and Kid Cthulu. They'd landed in the room with the hostages, they realized, the police officers bound, gagged, and bleeding from injuries that looked serious, but not life-threatening. Rycon quickly picked out Danielle, who looked disheveled but otherwise unhurt; her cousin looking up at her with wide eyes and screaming something through her gag! The two young heroes found out what it was a moment later, when a black-clad figure wielding two swastika-emblazoned blades reared up behind Kid Cthulu and plunged her daggers through his wings! "Die, mutie freak!" she yelled, her heavy Scandanavian accent clear in her words.

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Luckily, KC was nimble enough to dodge the brunt of the attack, managing to get his wings cut slightly as he turned to face her. Although his heart was racing, he managed to think of a one-liner as he lit up his fists with otherworldly fire.

"We ain't in the prisoner takin' business, we're in the Nazi killin' business. And business is a-boomin'!"

He smiled at her as he prepared to enter the fray. Psycho Nazi sword chicks were generally detrimental to society.

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As they entered, Rycon took a look around for any hostages, and quickly found them, tied up with injuries. Then she notices one of them among the rest, Danielle. Rycon's eyes opened wide in shock, she was horrified at her cousin's wounds. She starts her way towards the hostages to free them...


Rycon turned around in a heartbeat to see Kid Cthulhu nearly get impaled by a black-clad woman, with a Scandanavian accent in her words. Rycon quickly studied the supervillian as she realized that the mysterious attacker was a Nazi! THAT flipped Rycon off. She was always told to forget WWII, but remembrance turned to anger her every time someone talked about Nazi Germany's "accomplishments." Without thinking, Rycon carefully, but quickly walks behind KC, whispering "Let me give you a boost."

Rycon starts charging KC with electricity, to give him a boost, making him effective in damage and accuracy. Once finished, Rycon went into hiding again as she cries out, "" in German, showing her nationality.

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KC spasms as his body is filled with power. "Cool." He ducked down, and dashed across the floor, stopping right in front of the Nazi. He swiped an arm to the back of her head and grabbed a handful of her hair. His other hand he laid, fingers extended, on her forehead. "You'll feel this one in the morning, blondie."

KC's eyes glowed with eldritch energy as he sapped her mind of its wisdom and sanity. The lights flickered with the power, and some of the windows cracked. The toilets inside the ship began to slosh and a few coffee mugs disappeared from existence. Weird things happened around KC.

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Valkyrie staggered back, hate flashing in her pretty blue eyes as she raised her twin blades high. "I'm going to send you back to Hell, demon," she spat.


Outside, White Knight rocketed towards Fulcrum, a sneer half-visible on his masked face. "I'm going to beat you back to the desert, you-" His speed meant he didn't get time to let out the racist insult hanging on his lips, but the incredibly powerful punch he smashed into Fulcrum's jaw was painful enough on its own. "I've been making a few upgrades, honey!" he said with a malignant laugh as he circled her. "Going to use you for a workout!"

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Reeling from the blow to her face, Sage shakes her head, regaining focus and clarity. Touching her cheek, where the klan-a-rang hit her, Sage's green eyes narrow as they catch sight of blood. "It was foolish of me to think we could resolve this without coming to blows," she thought as she glared at Klansman, a wave of fury with just a hint of regret radiating out from her.

Reigning her anger in, Sage noted Klansman had his attention focused on the longcoat wearing man, and so used this opportunity to slip into his blindspot. --Keep him occupied-- she thought at the guitar wielding youth.

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