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The Divine needs an intervention OOC


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Alright, Mongrel Angel will pop in; she patrols the Fens irregularly.

Two quick points though.

1: At the moment Crom is, mechanically, only proficient in one language. Might want to look into getting more if you want him to both be able to speak whatever celtic language he's currently singing in and communicate effectively with the general populace.

2: Could one perhaps have a translation of whatever it is he's singing? Some of us have spent points on knowing all languages and would appreciate knowing just what he's merrily exclaiming.

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I got some bonus points yesterday, I'm going to add them to language. When he's excited, or drunk, Crom speaks Gaeilge, Ireland's native tongue. He said "I am drunk. I need a buxom woman to warm my bed. Oh buxom women, where have you gone?"

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