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Story Building?

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I need some help with writing a backstory. I have a jumble of ideas. Just nothing to make them an actual story. Is it wrong to ask for some help in doing the whole back story deal? For reference here's what I have so far:

(02:05:36) Darksider42: How much ahve you got so far now?

(02:06:00) Chumpsteady: i've worked on it a little bit

(02:06:21) Chumpsteady: here we go:

(02:07:05) Chumpsteady: She used to be a straight-laced kid. That was until she ran into the wrong crowd in high school.

(02:07:43) Chumpsteady: Sure, it started off simple enough. She saw a fkkier for an all night party. It would be awesome!

(02:08:40) Chumpsteady: Then when she got there she stepped into another world. One that would "open her mind" and "make her free"

(02:09:43) Chumpsteady: She felt guilty for doing it at first, but then she heard another one was happening later on.

(02:10:27) Chumpsteady: She followed her heart to the music. To the drug. To the sex. To the everything.

(02:11:12) Chumpsteady: (fkkier is supposed to be flier)

(02:11:33) Chumpsteady: (you know, an announcement? :P)

(02:12:37) Chumpsteady: A few years later she was totally bogged down in the culture. She barely graduated high school.

(02:13:41) Darksider42: Go on

(02:14:09) Chumpsteady: After that there was no coming back for her. She ate, breathed, slept in every rave she could find.

(02:15:09) Chumpsteady: When there was no party gong on, she still lied with her parents. A couple of wealthy stockbrokers that didn't caer what she did.

(02:15:42) Chumpsteady: they even supplied her with the cash for her excess without knowing it

(02:16:14) Chumpsteady: Then came the fateful night.

(02:16:45) Chumpsteady: She needed a fix. Something to get her back out on the floor for just a few more hours

(02:16:46) Darksider42: :o

(02:17:34) Chumpsteady: when she found her dealer she didn't notice something was... off about him.

(02:18:19) Chumpsteady: she followed him back to this new woman who had some "better stuff than he had"

(02:18:59) Chumpsteady: What she didn't know was she was walking right into her death.

(02:19:53) Chumpsteady: When she got there she was unknowingly knocked unconcius and drained of all her blood.

(02:20:10) Chumpsteady: no one seemed to notice this for some reason

(02:21:13) Chumpsteady: When she woke up. She was dead. She knew it. Fortunately for her, the woman who had turned her into an undead creature was preoccupied

(02:21:34) Chumpsteady: she made a quick escape

(02:22:22) Chumpsteady: She felt... alive. like she hadn't been in years!

(02:22:45) Chumpsteady: that's what i got so far

(02:22:56) Chumpsteady: i have yet to werite the heroic epiphany

(02:23:23) Chumpsteady: so, can you salvage a story out of that?

(02:23:23) Darksider42: Looks good so far. Has a Bronze age feel to it, but that sort of thing is allowed :P

(02:24:35) Darksider42: As far as I know. But yeah, Wanna know what happens next

(02:26:26) Chumpsteady: this is where I lock up creatively. I know she goes off on her own and finds out that good feels good and that she needs to use her powers for good, and if she uses them for evil that she lives in a city of heroes that would quickly slap her down.

(02:27:39) Chumpsteady: but nothing in particular

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I'll use spider man for my example since I know a good amount about his origin.

Spidey got powers, but wasn't sure what to do with them. They made him feel good, like he could do anything. That's exactly what he tried doing. Whatever he wanted. That is, until he was scared straight by the death of his uncle.

In most cases, heroes experience a catalyst AND an epiphany. The catalyst being when they get their powers. The epiphany being when something happens to show them the proper way to use them.

Your situation is a little unique. While vampires are very powerful, the also have a slew of weaknesses. An idea just crossed my mind for an ending, so I'll pitch it to you. Feel free to take it, leave it, or use it however you want. Keep in mind, I'm just writing down the major details. You'll probably need to fill in the blanks. I'm making a few assumptions to make this work. First, she's not too familiar with her powers yet (this could even be her first night), and secondly she melts/burns in sunlight like good vampires should (instead of sparkling).

During that first night of exploring her new "powers" she must have hit every rave in town. She was out until the morning light. The problem was that she didn't know it had gotten so late. She stepped outside into the daylight after yet another party. Instantly her skin was on fire. Without thinking she ran. The next few moments were ones of blinding pain and panic. Instinctively, she found someplace dark to hide away.

Only hours later when she regained her senses did she start to think about where she was. There was a single beam of sunlight that had been moving across the room. Everything else was darkness. She found herself crawling away from the light, like it was some disgusting creature to be avoided. Eventually, the sunlight faded, and she poked her head out of the hole it had been coming through. Night had fallen in Freedom, and she was looking up at the city from a storm drain. She had gotten so high, and fallen so far.

With great effort, she extracted herself and started making her way home. She had been missing for two days. Even though the didn't much care what she did, her mother and father would surely be looking for her by now. However would she explain this one.

A laugh caught her attention. She gazed across the street, surprisingly, it was quite easy to see in the dark now. A group of girls were gathered around a man in a large coat. Too large for the hot May weather. He was showing them a few things in his pockets. She concentrated hard, and heard him mention a few of the drugs she knew all too well. Then he said something else. He said if the girls wanted, he could take them to someone who had some better stuff than him.

Her eyes narrowed. She couldn't let that happen. She couldn't let them burn like she nearly had. She was going to have to stop him.

I hope this helps. I just felt inspired all of a sudden. I always like a challenge, so I figured, why not?

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Yeah, Bram Stoker's Dracula wasn't damaged by sunlight, just weakened. The whole "sunlight kills vampires" meme was started by Friedrich Murnau's Count Not-Dracula ("Orlok") in his movie "Not-Dracula," also known as Nosferatu.

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