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Public Service (OOC)

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Okay, let's call this a nice juicy rank 10 Explosion.

That's a DC 20 Reflex save for everyone near the warehouse. The thugs inside the warehouse are out; even if they make the save, they'll take so much damage that they'll be out of the fight. Positron makes his save too. He easily passes the relevant Toughness save

Outside...Avenger makes his save. And the thugs outside are down or fled.

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Somewhat belatedly:

Avenger's Well-Informed check on Jack of all Blades. Remember that this isn't something JackB is aware of or able to counter.

What does a DC 38 check get him vs. JoaB?

(Keep in mind that people who know some fairly pertinent information about JoaB (Doc Archeville, Ace, etc) are within Avenger's immediate circle of contacts, and for various reasons are in very good charity with him right now.)

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Well, I think the counterpoint would be that Erik's made it very clear to both Dok and Ace that he considers the tracking down of his secret identity and particularly his family to be a massive invasion of privacy, to the point were he's never completely trusted Dok since and is still vocally annoyed with Ace. I can't see either of them just spilling the beans to Avenger on that stuff.

Even so, I imagine he'd have a comprehensive understanding of Jack's powers and usual tactics, know some general stuff about the Interceptors (membership, goals, maybe where the brownstone is, depending on how much you think Dok would reveal to Avenger about his secret project), know about Jack's more public battles, about the whole 'hellfire thing', about his protectiveness of the West End and that he has a sister, probably even that she's been introduced to Dok as 'Jill' although that's clearly a pseudonym. I don't see this coming up, but he would know that Jack's somehow involved in some tournament sort of deal with his counterparts, and that Jack himself doesn't know what's up with that at all. Avenger would probably even be savvy enough to know that Jaci o' Cups and Coinpurse Jack clearly have European backers and that Jakken Staff, who's only show up once in Jack's backstory, is by far the most dangerous of the four.

If there's anything specific you think he should know, give me a heads up and I'll mull it over.

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