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[April 2010 Vignette] Phalanx's WC Woes

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As April First rolled around the Staff at Claremont Academy went on alert. In any normal boarding school pranks were par for the course year round and grew much more elaborate for special occasions, such as April Fools day. At a School like Claremont, even benign pranks were of a more extreme variety and of course the First was likewise more elaborate. Extreme and Elaborate when you were talking about teens capable of transmuting base material with their minds, moving at super sonic speeds or bending steal with their bare hands took on a whole new meaning.

Thus the regular targets were well watched for likely trouble and Duncan Summers personally patrolled the grounds. Rumor had it that a Student had managed to pull one over on Summers once. It was never stated explicitly how Summers had returned the favor but the word on campus was that it was not to be done. After all, the students were well aware of his knack for knowing all that happened in his school, it wasn't hard to imagine what that kind of mind put toward retaliation would be capable of.

There were of course successful pranks despite the staffs vigilance. The Next Gens stomping grounds/home theater a floor or two above the Doom Room was filled with some kind of gelatin like substance, Dr. Marquez's Rorschach cards were replaced by racy photos, and the students each made efforts of varying success against one another as well.

Through this all Mike had gone rather unscathed. To his chagrin his display with Mark in the quad had left the student body with a tendency to tread lightly with him. That coupled with his time spent with the luckiest boy on earth seemed to ward off any significant attempts, the assorted misfiring pranks that hit him instead of Mark were of a truly minor nature and as he headed back to the dorms after class he thought he may make it through without major incident.

He snickered as he passed the common room where Magni dozed on the couch, and happened like the rest of the room to be expertly covered with toilet paper. He jogged up the stairs and past a pair of roommates wrestling over what appeared to be an advanced water gun. He grinned at the pair and gladly reached his room, checking just in case for any tampering with the door before breathing a sigh of relief as he entered.

Mark was nowhere to be found but that wasn't unusual of late with Faith living off campus and her parents often out of town. He slung his bag onto the bed and made a quick pass by the answering machine to make sure they hadn't missed any calls. His ritual circuit of the room upon arrival complete he stepped into the bathroom to take care of some urgent business.

He didn't even notice the click of the pin coming free nor the tink of it hitting the ground and then,


The small room filled with smoke and shards of porcelain were embedded in the walls, the door hanging off kilter from its hinges. Mike himself was unharmed and sighed heavily. Super School meant Super Pranks he supposed.

He reached out with on hand and crushed the pipe closed stopping any further water from leaking out and tossed his shredded clothes in the garbage with a sigh. He liked those jeans too. He placed a call to maintenance out the bathroom and was mildly surprised they were not more shocked by the circumstances. Then he wrapped one towel around his waist and ran across the hall to James never used room for a quick shower while he waited for them to show up.

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