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Life Is A Rollercoaster [IC]

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Chris strolled through Ocean Heights Amusement Park with a couple of ice-cream cones. Liz has been frosty for the past few days. Weird. And I don't know why she wanted to meet here. It's hard to find anyone here on a Friday night.

"Hey! Kenzie!" Chris whipped around and then broke into a grin. Liz was at the front of the queue for a rollercoaster. "You're late," she said, kissing him on the cheek as he came over.

"Um... something came up." Some asshole tried to hold up the candy floss stall! Who does that!? "Listen, I'll just wait here since you've got to the front of the queue. Then we need to talk."

"Sure," smiled Liz, but it didn't reach her eyes. That's not a good sign. Damndamndamndamndamndamn Chris just walked over to the railing with the ice creams as she boarded the ride.

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Chris was watching Liz climb into a carriage and strap herself down. Then he noticed the guy behind her with the snake tattoo on his neck. Wait... I know those guys. White Cobras? Glancing sideways, the rollercoaster operator also had a tattoo.

"Crap." Chris stood looking panicked as the ride rumbled into motion, climbing high and whirling low, then climbing slowly again... and stopping! His keen eyes noticed the Cobra on the ride had his gun levelled at Liz's head.

"Get the police! If my demands aren't met, I will blow this girl's head off!" Then Chris was running, sliding behind a booth and sliding out seconds later in his Geckoman costume. Running back towards the ride, he ducked into a crouch. Gametime.

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Rolling low, Geckoman slid under the barriers while the crowds watched the events above with rapt fascination. The Cobra had yanked Liz up by her hair, threatening to throw her to her death. Dammit, got to get up there.

He was under the high section of track the coaster had halted upon. Back to a pillar to remain unnoticed by the operator, he pulled out his grappling gun. If I make the slightest mistake, Liz is dead. Sweat trickled down the inside of his mask.

"God, I don't ask for much. All I want here is one perfect game, and I'm yours. Amen." He pointed upwards and fired the grappling hook.

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"Hey! Asshole!" The thug glanced down and started as Geckoman flew upwards at a high speed, grapple cable screeching as he strained it. "Catch!" The Cobra fell back as a yellow-gloved fist smashed into his jaw. And toppled backwards off the rollercoaster.

"Oh. Damn." Geckoman fired his grappling hook at his feet even as he leapt, grabbing the falling man's jacket just as the line pulled taut.

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"God! Are you OK!?" shouted Chris, running over and hugging Liz. He'd somehow sidled off and put his clothes on. With the time spent slipping off well-wishers, it hadn't left time to ditch the costume altogether, so it was still under his clothes.

"Yeah, yeah, just a bit ruffled," said Liz. As if to demonstrate, she re-applied her lipstick and gave him a kiss. "I mean, I was the one who rigged it." Chris kissed back before pulling off with a start.

"You what?" Hold on, this ain't right. "You're joking, right?" He stumbled slightly. Wait, I don't stumble. Liz reached over, and slapping away his weak arms, tore open his shirt.

"Geckoman, Geckoman, Geckoman," she mocked, "You find a way to get at me in your civilian identity too."

"I'm not... did you poison me somehow?" Liz raised an eyebrow, then laughed.

"Wow, you are that stupid." Slapping her belt buckle, her outfit shifted to the Spellbound outfit, her hair becoming dishevelled-looking and a sparkling force field obscuring her features. "And the knock-out lipstick should work fully in 5... 4... 3..." Chris temporarily blacked out and smashed to the floor. "Hey, he made it to three. Guess I was wrong on the timing." was the last thing he heard before it stopped being temporary.

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