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Red Queen redux


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Okay, so to help Geezer with Dynamo's debut, I dug out my old PC-turned-NPC villainess Red Queen. I looked her over and saw she could use some work, and as a villainess NPC was no longer limited byt the pp I earned for her. I still need to do her DC stat block at the bottom, but I wanted to make sure everything else looked okay first. if all looks good, I will subkit the code version to the Char edit thread.


Character Name: Red Queen

Power Level: 11 (175/175pp)

Tradeoffs: Defense -4/Toughness +4

Unspent PPs: 0

Alternate Identity: Faye Spenser

Height: 5’ 10â€

Weight: 138 lbs

Hair: Reddish-brown

Eyes: Black


Faye is an attractive woman of athletic build in her mid-twenties, who wears her hair short in the front and in a long single braid down her back. She favors jackets and slacks of a professional masculine cut, though her extensive wardrobe features a wide range of styles, including some lovely dresses.


Faye Spenser is a user, and has been all her life: the only child of a moderately wealthy Dublin banker, she long ago learned how to pester and wheedle until she got exactly what she wanted. She’s also always been interested in things that are forbidden, be it the local bad boy, street drugs or the occult, and pursued all of the above fervently. Several years ago she met Maximilian Prophet in a London pub; they proceeded to have a torrid love affair that lasted almost two years, during which she was a most avid pupil of the magical arts. After she learned all she could from him, she stole several of his darker texts and went into seclusion to study them in detail.

In an abandoned Yorkshire farmhouse, she opened a portal to a nameless dimension, home to many mad gods long thought dead; she made horrible pacts with these gods, offering herself as their servant on Earth, their tool for spreading chaos and despair. In exchange for her service, they taught her the darkest of magicks, which she has used in a very effective criminal career. Now a sorceress of great power, she travels the world freely, committing remarkable thefts and quiet assassinations for the highest bidder; she only dates men who have something to teach her, and she has dated mercenaries, safecrackers and terrorists in her pursuit of knowledge.

Using her ill-gotten gains, she had an underground bunker constructed under the Icelandic Highlands, which she chose for both its splendid isolation and access to free geothermal power; she paid the contractors well, and after allowing them a week to enjoy the fruits of their labors, she hunted them down and killed them to a man, the regrettable cost of preserving her secrets.

She detests trains and airplanes (she finds them far too cramped), but thankfully never has to use them. When she’s not working, she loves to tour the world’s art galleries; her Icelandic bunker is decorated with a wide array of paintings, etchings and sculptures, all of course stolen, and she has impeccable taste.

Abilities: [0+6+2+6+8+4 = 26pp]

Strength: 10 (+0)

Dexterity: 16 (+3)

Constitution: 12 (+1)

Intelligence: 16 (+3)

Wisdom: 18 (+4)

Charisma: 14 (+2)

Combat: [12+12 = 24]

Attack: +6

Grapple: +6, +16 w/TK

Defense: +6 (+3 flat-footed)

Knockback: -10; -0 w/out Force Field

Initiative: +3

Saves: [7+6+4 = 17pp]

Toughness: +14 (Imp 7); +1 w/out Force Field

Fortitude: +8 (+1 Con, +7)

Reflex: +9 (+3 Dex, +6)

Will: +8 (+4 Wis, +4)

Skills: [120r = 30pp]

Acrobatics 12 (+15)

Bluff 13 (+15)

Computers 12 (+15)

Concentration 7 (+10)

Disable Device 12 (+15)

Intimidate 4 (+6)

Knowledge (Arcane Lore) 5 (+8)

Knowledge (Art) 4 (+7)

Knowledge (Streetwise) 5 (+8)

Notice 11 (+15)

Search 11 (+15)

Sleight of Hand 12 (+15)

Stealth 12 (+15)

Feats: [15pp]

Accurate Attack

All-Out Attack


Equipment 5

Improvised Tools

Power Attack

Precise Shot x2


Skill Mastery 2 (Acrobatics, Bluff, Computers, Disable Device, Notice, Search, Slight of Hand, Stealth)



Size: Tiny. Toughness: 15. Features: Computer, Concealed, Fire Prevention System, Gym, Isolated, Library, Living Space, Power System, Security System.

General equipment: Cellphone, comlink, flashlight, PDA


Flight 3 (50 mph / 500 feet) [6pp]

Force Field 13* (Extra: Impervious 7; PF: Subtle 1) [21pp]

Immunity 9 (Life Support, Sustained, Linked w/ Force Field) [9pp]

Magic 10 (PFs: 7 Alternate Powers/Spells) [29pp]

BE: Strike 10 (Extra: Penetrating; PFs: Attack Specialization 2 [+10 to hit])

AP: Blast 11

AP: Comprehend 4 (Languages)

AP: Dimensional Pocket 10 (PF: Precise)

AP: ESP 10 (Global + Moon, Visual: PFs: Subtle 2)

AP: Illusion 6 (Auditory & Visual; PFs: Progression 2)

AP: Telekinesis 10 (Str 50; PFs: Precise, Subtle)

AP: Teleport 10 (Global + Moon)

Super-Senses 1 (Magical Awareness [Mental]) [1pp]


Power Loss (*when unable to gesture -3)

DC Block

Unarmed -- DC 15/Toughness -- Damage

Blast -- DC 26/Toughness -- Damage

Dimensioal Pocket -- DC 20/Reflex/Will -- Confinement

Illusion -- DC 16/Will -- Belief

Strike -- DC 25/Toughness -- Damage

PP Totals:

Abilities 26 + Skills 30 + Feats 15 + Powers 66 + Combat 24 + Saves 17 + Drawbacks -3 = Total: 175

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