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Fisticuffs 2: This time, it's not Fisticuffs 1


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So a while back I had the idea for a charity boxing match between a bunch of the PC's. This is a different take on that same idea that came up in Chat the other day, so I'd figure I'd throw it up on here to see if we can get the ball rolling on it. This thread is set after the Grue Invasion, at this point in time, the city is pretty wrecked. During the battle or during the clean up, one of the heroes stumbled upon an abandoned Circus Maximus arena.

They sent out word to other heroes to come to the arena to spar with one another. Should another invasion happen, they need to be prepared. It would also be good for the other heroes to know their capabilities. This thread occurs away from prying eyes, so even heroes who aren't particularly keen on being in the public eye can show up.

Is anyone interested?

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I'm going to be using Dynamo for this. From a purely mechanical perspective, Altas' build will be significantly different post invasion than it is now. In addition, he'll be focused almost entirely on helping to rebuild the city he helped break.

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I think I'll sign Lukos up for this one. He's more given to violence than my other two characters, and since this one isn't for charity...

Maybe this could be some kind of experiment Dr. Archeville wants to run on him as a follow up to their interview.

I also am exploring some new options for his powers that I may be submitting as part of this month's updates. So this may be a good chance to give them a test run.

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Due to the somewhat traumatic nature of her last bout, Grim may well take a pass on this, but Gossamer would be very interested. I still might have Grim participate if we somehow split it into two or more threads, though, since I don't like the thought of having both my PCs in the same thread.

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Hokay, so, we have the following:

Lukos vs Avenger (assuming AA doesn't mind kicking the crap out of one of quote's characters ;) )


Mongrel Angel

Jack of All Blades

Dead Head / Dr. Archeville


Gossamer, maybe Grim as well

Rycon (spectator)



so 8 other participants.

Here's my initial thoughts on who's fighting who:

Fulcrum vs Mongrel Angel

Gossamer vs JoAB

Wander vs Dynamo

Hellion vs Dead Head

Subject to radical change of course. We could also do team battles, if so inclined.

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Y'know, being the only spectator here wouldn't be any fun, so why not have her enter? I know she would get her butt kicked like Jack of All Blades got his kicked during the demon invasion last year, but I think it would be good (if painful) experience for her.

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Mongrel Angel

Jack of All Blades

Dead Head and/or Dr. Archeville


Gossamer, maybe Grim as well







14 participants, 16 if Doc and Heritage bring in reinforcements.

Potential matchups (some of these are redundant):

Lukos vs Avenger - Werewolf vs Vampire

Dead Head vs Avenger - Undead Battle

Wander vs Dead Head - Grudge Match

Grim vs Geckoman - The Undercaps

Rycon vs Geckoman - Those wacky kids

Fulcrum vs Mongrel Angel - Flying Brick Battle

Gossamer vs JoAB - Gizmo beats up another one of Heritagae's characters ;)

Wander vs Dynamo - Old School vs New School

Hellion vs Dead Head - Demon vs Zombie

Carbon vs Divine - Brick vs Golden Brick

Dynamo vs Divine - For the Lulz

Gossamer vs Dr. Archeville - A Battle of Science!

Hellion vs JoAB - Battle of the pretty boys

Divine vs Wander - Power vs Finesse

Fulcrum vs Dynamo - Battle of the Energy Converters

I probably missed someone, if so, sorry. I was just writing these down as they came to me.

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