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And I run, I run so far away


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All my characters were actually an elaborate ruse!

Malice was just a catalyst. He brought in quote and with him Captain Knievel. Through months of playing and interaction it made Dr. Archeville realize how unstable these metahumans could be. This also lead to the break up the Knights and the players realized smaller teams work best.

Then, once villains were no more, I was subtly able to control the media quote had access to during the time period until he came up with a new character design, Colt. Through this the Interceptors were born.

Meanwhile, the Big Red Man is working in the background, building up relationships with most of the player characters. he is seen as the reliable sort of guy who isn't overtly threatening to his friends and confidants. This plan reached the climax in the stolen kiss from Grim.

The next layer of the plan was Jester. He was merely the distraction and misdirection. He brought chaos into the fold for no other reason than for the players and characters to second guess their grasp on reality.

Now Dynamo can take a vacant spot on a team I indirectly helped bring to fruition to drive a wedge between Colt and Grim, while all the while playing the hero.

Grim will wind up in the arms of Atlas so that they can rebuild the world of Freedom as they see fit after the Grue have reduced the city to rubble!



I mean... I would never have an ulterior motive for a series of seemingly random actions. Course not. :?

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Charity race?

The problem I see with that Doc is that there aren't many who are close in speed. Phalanx, Fulcrum, Rift, and Dr. Archeville are all right close to one another having between 8 and 10 ranks in Flight. Dynamo has a base speed of 12, which he can ratchet up to 18. And Dynamo has a higher Acrobatics than all of them (used in the chase rules in Mastermind's Manual). And he has a +31 on his Endurance checks, which is again higher than anyone else.

I didn't want to propose a thread where my character was pretty much guaranteed to win, it seemed unsporting.

And I've got no problem with merging the Fulcrum and Dynamo Interceptors Inception threads.

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